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Trailers, Quotes and musings on issues 58-62 of Misty

‘The Mist’ trailer
This has pretty scenery and vague impending doom. There is mist and a mention of a black spring. There is a mall, blood and gore. This reimagination has a creepy old woman, bugs, fire and an axe. WTF is in the mist? Am intrigued.

Best Lines:
“It’s pretty.”
“Not if you look closely.”

“Gotta get guns.”

“Judgement Day has come.”

‘Ali G Indahouse’ (2002) promo

‘Kangaroo Jack’ (2003) promo

‘Dr T & The Women’ (2000) promo

‘Fear Thy Neighbour’ opening credits

‘Eastenders’ promo

Remember the 1993 ‘Murphy Brown’ ep where Murphy accidentally steals Socks from the White House?

Recall ‘Jake and the Fatman’?

Anyone see the 1999 ‘The Muse’ or the 1997 ‘Mr Magoo’?

Disturbia’ (2007) was not a good film.

RIP Peter Sallis

‘RTE News’ Quotes:
“Back in trouble again.”

“Hate narratives.”

‘The Gospel Of Loki’ Quote:
“No one crossed it without intent - usually malevolent -”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Live in misery.”

“Continue to be miserable.”

“Stolen my husband.”

“Always bringing up his faults.”

“Don’t condescend to me.”

“Walking hypocrite.”

“That was recently said, yes.”

“Behave like I want you to.”

“Feels abandoned.”

“Caused her great concern.”

“Mental instability.”

“Pry the gallon of milk from his hands.”

“Tell me where you were in that moment.”

‘The Man From UNCLE’ Quotes:
“Get away from Mr Solo!”

“You have reason to hate him. You will kill him.”

“Mr Solo is our enemy.”

‘Irish Independent’ Quotes:
“It’s been a very, very bad week just in general for society from a moral point of view,”

“Absolutely no basic understanding.”

‘Hawaii Five-0’ Quotes:
“I’m bleeding.”
“I can see that.”

“Trouble always seems to find you somehow.”

“I’m shot here.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Retreat to the background of society.”

“Hindsight bias,”

“Incredibly beige furniture.”

“Cultural cachet.”


‘Totally Dublin’ Quotes:
“Pooled with the slick of someone’s late-night piss.”

“A narrative to go with it.”

“Are secret off-menu options just an urban myth?”

“As soon as private property was invented, that was the beginning of patriarchal capitalism.”

“Haunted by neglect.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Continuous ruin.”

“Strategic duplicity.”

“Threw away in a moment your good name.”

“Selective condemnation.”

“Horny goat weed.”

“Kids’ TV kind of music.”

‘Fear Thy Neighbour’ Quote:
“Not all friendships are built to last.”

Read ‘Misty’ issues 59 to 62. ‘Two Left Feet’ was about a girl who tries to get revenge on her sister but her pettiness goes awry with grim irony. It was okay. ‘A Picture Of Horror’ sees a girl get revenge on some bullies. It was good. ‘Black Agnes’ is a tale of a conwoman. It was okay. ‘The Nine Lives Of Nicola’ was rubbish. ‘A Duet For Three Hands...’ is a tale with empty charm.
The Curse Of The Wolf’ is an okay tale of werewolves and community cohesion. ‘The Mark’ has complete disregard for conventions and common sense. ‘Prisoner in the Attic’ is a bizarre tale. ‘Mirror Mirror On The Wall...’ is a tale that flails helplessly.

‘The Fourth Swan’ is an okay tale of resilience. ‘The White Bird’ is a tale of crushing inevitability. ‘Violets In The Moonlight’ is a tale of a cruel man who does not demonstrate insight. ‘Finders Creepers’ is a tale of a yob with intransigence who is punished nastily. This was good. ‘The Choice Of Silence’ was okay. ‘The Uglies’ is a tale of beauty queen who stumbles on a secret and faces horror. This was excellent.
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