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Book Review: Dr. DOA

Dr. DOA by Simon R. Green
The latest in the ‘Secret Histories’ saga is all listlessness and benign idiocy as Eddie Drood learns he has been poisoned in another of the negative incidents that occur to him with depressing regularity. Eddie faces manifold absurdities as he tries to learn who has such raging anger against him. This unwarranted book is a jarringly undramatic tedious inconvenience

Eddie faces yet another flat narrative of evil. It’s only at the very end when under explored concepts from earlier novels make a return that any interest is raised. This isn’t interesting or thought provoking. Eddie does no sustained reflection and cannot interact comfortably with others. This has no emotional punch as Green never deals with any of the emotional ramifications of anything that happens to Eddie.

He and his woman are disconcerting, off-putting and reprenensible. The writing is depressingly mundane, as is their narcissistic affection. Eddie’s obvious emotional instability and dramatic tendencies and angst-ridden whining and continual and wilful refusal to behave are all ploddingness. This lacks any sense of urgency, danger or grimness. This is trite and consistently negative.
This is a lost opportunity to tell a tale of evil by stealth. It cannot be held credible, lacks complexity and has no serious, negative consequences. The villain talks and talks and people tolerate his nonsense. This was appallingly unpleasant.

Best Lines:
“Looked like he dressed in a hurry while someone he didn’t want to meet was coming up the stairs.”

“The Cannibal Colonels.”

“There’s a traitor in the family.”
“Not another one,”
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