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Harlots 1x03&1x04 + Lethal Weapon (2016 - ?) 1x01 Reviewed

Episode Three
Kitty and Fanny are the bog standard whores at Margaret’s. Lydia is incomparably horrible, as she is calculative and breaks every law of human decency. This ep does not incentivise one to care. How long has Lydia been getting away with human trafficking? The Baronet ignores Charlotte when she unwittingly raises the contentious issue of a possible American Revolution. Strife and pain awaits as Margaret’s old friend dies. This was not compelling or complex and has no essentialist notions of female goodness.

This is not high-stakes emotional drama. Lucy and her irksome cuteness faces malign voices and deliberate calculation. Footmen are gloriously horrible. Lucy is imponderably stupid. This ep is unimprovable. Margaret and co face public contempt and the most hysterical of ideological fervour. The Baronet’s wife resists interaction with Charlotte who invites odium openly.

Margaret is scornful and mud-slinging in the face of Lydia’s instinctive villainy. This was impalusible. Will puts up with it all. Lucy is culpably ignorant. Harriet faces the inescapable difference between herself and her dead not-husband.

Best Lines:
“Back in your hovel.”

“The wickedest harpy.”

“The impertinent gargoyle.”

“The tits come to the lard.”

“You nipping crab.”

“She feasts like a rat on a corpse pile.”

“The fleet ditch.”

Episode Four
The suitably authoritarian religious nutter is sick. Lydia and Margaret’s escalating confrontation has sinister overtones. Lucy has calm complacency. Why has Charlotte not had a baby if Margaret forced her to be a prozzie since she was 12? The Baronet has conferred great significance and status on Charlotte and now it is all falling away from her. Emily suffers. One of Emily’s co-workers eloped with a rake and is now paying for it.

Benjamin the son of the dead man is a patently lying prat who makes ugly insinuations. There are unnecessary insinuations. How can Margaret afford to throw a party and a wake and go to the opera if she can’t pay the rent? Lydia is awful to the religious nut who has a secret. The nutter’s daughter Amelia broods. Lydia’s son Charlie is thick. Who is Charlie’s father? Who are the fathers of Charlotte and Emily? Who is Amelia’s father? Were they all fathered by punters?

Charlotte hates the Baronet. Vi befriends Amelia. Betsey is the street trash who is fancied by a magistrate. Harriet is desperate. A creepy Lord creeps. Lydia is vile and Charlotte unwisely shags Haxby. No to this.

Best Lines:
“Arch bawd of London.”

“Knowledge is security.”

“How deliciously vulgar.”

“Cursed to have such a mother.”

“Why were you the one I choose to keep?”

“Allow me my metaphors.”

This loud reboot sees Riggs on a pathological campaign to die due to the emotional legacy of his wife’s death. Murtaugh is irrepressibly perky and castigating. This is not done to maximum dramatic effect. This is not exuberant and is of relatively minor ambitions. This intentionally harks back to McG’s old show ‘Fastlane’. I cannot believe how many scenes were devoted to Murtaugh’s desire for his wife to perform a sex act on him. What is this, 1987?

This had a conventional plot with no painful contemporary themes. This had no playful observations. Sense doesn’t feature in great abundance. Riggs is burdensome, contentious, relentless and denigrating. His unaccustomed frankness act and ain’t no grave can hold my body down vibe and knowingness does not make him disturbingly insightful. This was not heartfelt.

Best Lines:
“Nobody’s laughing.”

“I’ve never seen drugs in this house.”

“Your house is illegally parked.”
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