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Birth Day
Offred broods and has monotonous angst. There is a Craigslist mention. The Ceremony happens again. People are strung up on The Wall like its normal. Ofglen talks and college professors were sent to the Colonies. A church is demolished and Offred aka June is catholic? St Patrick’s Cathedral in NY was demolished and dumped in the river. The Eyes strike, they are nefarious. The wives sneer. Anchorage is the capital of what is left of the USA. American soldiers and Gilead troops are fighting in the ruins of Chicago. There is a basic problem of believability.

One needs a suspension of disbelief. Nick is a procurer. There is adultery and despair. The birthmobile shows up as Janine is in labour. There is a compulsory and endless conspiracy and destructive conflict. Offred does a portentous voiceover. Ofwarren aka Janine has her baby girl. There is an air of menace. There are flashbacks to June giving birth. Why were people praying outside the hospital where June gave birth? The Commander has cold intent and bad intentions. Offred dreads his presence. What caused such ideological decay?

The wives do bizarre rituals to harp music. Is that a wife playing the harp? Aunt Lydia resurfaces. The nurse in June’s hospital said “praised be” - when did Gilead get its start? This was good. Apart from June, the maternity ward was empty. Giving birth in Gilead is ridic. Janine gives birth in a birthing chair and the baby is given to the wife at once. Janine cries over baby Angela. The wives outfits look green not blue. WTF is a Code Yellow FMC? It was shouted when a mad woman tries to steal June’s newborn. Janine had a son before. What happened to him? Offred has ill-advised over-confidence. What happened to Ofglen?

Best Lines:
“A place where women do not go.”

“Offred, would you like a cookie?”

“I am Ofglen.”

“Nine volumes on the history of falconry.”

“There is an us?”

“Dark linkages.”

“An extinct reality.”

“Darkness and secrets are everywhere.”

“Now there is a them.”

“Isn’t she well behaved?”

“Little whores, all of them.”

“You have to take what they hand out.”

“They love to be forgiving.”

“We’re 2 legged wombs.”

“An unbaby.”

“There’s real coffee. Can you smell it?”

“The others are with god.”

All The Madame’s Men
Deadpool killed Phil Coulson in the ‘Secret Empire’ comics; I wish he’d do that on this show. May switches sides. She and Daisy kill people and Madame Hydra is hurled out of a building. Simon Kassianides shows up as a Hydra lackey again. The Framework is a harmless facsimile yet isn’t. There are unsubtle allusions and no suspension of disbelief. May gets her heroic narrative back, nobody did that for Ward. There is no moral journey. Fitz has pained concern. This ep was ghastly beyond measure. There is incitement.

Ward was recruited to SHIELD by Victoria Hand. Coulson runs the Resistance. This show is so contemptuous of its audience. Jemma, Mack and Trip babble. There is no moral culpability. David O’Hara does copious over-acting. This is pantomime. Daisy is so selfish. Where is Framework Skye? Coulson can control emotional responses.

Best Lines:
“Evil and villainy.”

“Question the narrative she was programmed with.”

“This is how movements die.”

“Betrayal will not be tolerated.”

Episode One
This ITV Encore show is set in the 18th century Georgian London. It is 1763 and Samantha Morton, Jessica Brown Findlay and Tin McInnerny star. It’s not exactly ‘Band Of Gold’. Culls are customers. Charlotte (Findlay) is an upmarket prozzie. Her sister Lucy is to be auctioned off by their mother Margaret (Morton). Emily is a scrubber. Rival madam Lydia is an upmarket madam. There is gratuitous flesh-bearing and I cannot speak of the historical veracity.

Charlotte has a Baronet who wants to own her. Lydia has a vendetta against Margaret. Emily tries to get a job at Lydia’s but is dismissed as a rutting post. She’s dim. There are sad reveals about Margaret and Lydia’s past. A creepy Lord (Mcinnerny) who deflowered Charlotte now wants to deflower Lucy. Lydia sneers, culls are vile and this was mmmm. There are no mention of STDs.

Best Lines:
“Sitting in here on your goods.”

“Circle of bliss.”

“Disorderly Houses Act.”

“You need to be his property.”

“Damn you for a stupid slut.”

“Pert heavers.”

“Any children?”
“None living.”

“The sluice rat.”

Episode Two
Lydia and her son are awful. The Baronet has a snotty butler. Margaret looks up an old friend while ignoring her current man and young son. Margaret’s girls track down a prozzie who is dying of French Pox after leaving Lydia’s brothel. Lucy goes her own way. Religious types harass Margaret and rant. This was mmmmm. There is more grotesque debasement.

Condominium (1980)
This disaster miniseries was horrid.

Aspen (1977)
A trashy murder mystery miniseries.

Shades Of Blue 2x12

Behind The Mask
The DA attacks the mob boss in the men’s room and Harlee helps cover it up. He sees what she is really like. Woz feuds with a drug dealer. Woz learns Julia is a corrupt evil liar, like duh. She also told the mob boss to kill him. Stahl has gone crazy. This wasn’t good.

Best Lines:
“Bullet holes in the jungle gym.”

“Learn to suck real good.”


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