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Trailers, Quotes and musings on issues 53-58 of Misty

‘Prophecy’ (1979) trailer

Best Line:
“It is not the offspring of witchcraft or satan.”

‘ISPY’ opening credits

‘Out Of This World’ opening credits
I recall this 1987-1991 sitcom.

‘Marblehead Manor’ opening credits
I recall this 1987 show. Phil Morris is in it and I liked it. Why no DVD?

‘Hyperion Bay’ opening credits
Dylan Neal and no-names starred in this long cancelled drama.

‘Aspen’ (1977) promo
Sam Elliott starred in this drama that had bad VFX, a murder and a lot of no names. Yawn.

Celebrity’ (1984) promo
This miniseries is about 3 rich and famous men. A writer reaches for more and they all have a secret about one dark night long ago. An actor, an evangelist and a sports star are about to have a downfall.

Best Lines:
Past sins ignite a fatal confrontation.”

“Their lives take different paths to fame.”

“One kills, one dies and only one survives when the truth explodes.”

‘Harlots’ promo
Rival brothels feud. Mmmmm.

Best Lines:
“She’s made you notorious.”

“That’s for what you made me.”

‘Fargo’ (1996) promo

‘Coyote Ugly’ (2000) promo

‘Sister Act’ (1992) promo

‘Alien Autopsy’ (2006) promo

Recall ‘Evening Shade’?

I’d try Mexican BBQ corn.

There is an adult ‘Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys’ comic?

I won’t review ‘Gotham’ 3x09 ‘The Executioner’.

‘Sunday Independent’ Quotes:
“Looking at through the a window longingly.”

“Bawdy reputation.”

“Potent sexuality.”

“Treated as if she was an irritant.”

“Gesture politics.”

“I do not like this orientation either.”

“The Beatles had gone weird.”

“She seemed without real friends.”

“Severe law enforcement and reputation problems.”

“Wrecked beyond repair or recognition.”

“Drunk with a coat over his head.”

“Never had a friend. She never even realised that she needed one.”

“Gulled into lunacy.”

“Most trusted advisor.”

“Immediately sinister undertones.”

“You knew it was meant.”

‘The Sunday Business Post’ Quotes:
“Whose story is her own.”

“Makes a global embarrassment of himself.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Far too much tolerance.”

‘BBC News’ Quote:
“Threw a table at the doctors.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quote:
“Nobody wanted me around.”

‘Dr. DOA’ Quotes:
“Most of my relatives could start a fight in an empty room and then lie about who won.”

“Oh hell, he’s coming over. Look penitent.”

“When you look into that mirror, you’re not the only one who looks back.”

“Ugly as a bulldog licking piss off a thistle.”

“It followed William home from the asylum.”

‘The A Team’ Quotes:
“You may not wand us.”

“This was not well thought out.”

I read ‘Misty’ issues 53 to 58. ‘Whistle and I’ll Come...’ is a tale of a girl and her ghost dog. It was ridic. ‘Garden of Evil’ was a silly story. ‘Reflection’ is a tale of a vain girl and her horrible father. It was okay. ‘Hunt The Ripper’ was a dumb tale. ‘The Golden Princess’ was a silly tale. ‘Slave Of Time...’ was about a clock thief. ‘The Island’ was an okay tale of an island beast. ‘Croc In The Box’ saw a girl use a girl use her imaginary friend to get rid of a bully.

‘Going....Going...Gone!’ sees a yob use a magical item and regret it. That was okay. ‘The Simple Job’ was a dull tale of carnies. ‘The Scarecrow’ was a dumb tale. ‘Heart’s Desire’ was about an adopted urchin who is to be killed with kindness. It wasn’t good. ‘Don’t Look Twice’ was an iffy tale about a girl and her dreams. ‘Cold Comfort’ saw a thief meet the devil in a stupid tale. ‘Pot Luck’ was a dull tale of a magic pot. ‘Lead Kindly Light’ was a stupid tale of wreckers. ‘Shadow Of A Doubt...’ was about evil shadows. It was okay. ‘Time School’ saw a law of time travel broken. It was okay. ‘Full Circle’ was about a girl who takes the wrong job. It was daft.
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