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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Into The Badlands’ promo

‘Pirates 5’ promo
Looks tired.

‘Spiderman: Homecoming’ promo
The trailer gives the whole plot away.

‘Dunkirk’ trailer

‘Boyhood’ promo

‘War For The Planet Of The Apes’ trailer

‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ trailer
No clarity of purpose.

‘After Camelot’ promo
Are they doing JFK Jnr? Classy.

‘Continuum’ season 1 promo
So much wasted promise.

‘Wonder Woman’ TV spot

‘Harlots’ opening credits

‘Everything, Everything’ promo

I will review ‘Harlots’.

I won’t review ‘Secret Empire #3’ or any of its spin-offs.

Anyone recall Michelle McManus?

‘The Circle’ is not coming to UK cinemas.

BBC1 are doing a 3 part ‘War Of The Worlds’?

What is ‘Requiem‘?

Anyone read the 1999 novel ‘The Descent’?

Watched some of the ‘Poirot’ ep ‘Three Act Tragedy’ which starred Jane Asher, Art Malik, Tom Wisdom and Martin Shaw. This had bad VFX and a pompous luvvie (Shaw). A vicar dies and the luvvie is a permanent source of irritation. Poirot is pompous and this had no steely clarity. Poirot has a tone of judgement and Shaw does a self parody and this was not a beneficial contribution to TV. It was piffle.

Best Lines:
“She’s gone missing and she’s creepy.”

“An arranged obviousness.”

Anyone recall ‘Only When I Laugh’? Or ‘A Different World’ (1987-1993)? Or ‘Tipping The Velvet’ (2002)?

There is squirrel curry?

A sushi place I always meant to try has closed.

I’d try a frose.

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Openly despises the democratic values it is supposed to embody.”

“If he doesn’t like someone he cleans guns in front of them.”

“Snakes under the carpet.”

“Accusing others of wishing it ill.”

“Afraid of judgement.”

“Vomits money.”

“They threw up in the shower.”

“They left soiled underpants in the fridge.”

“Played by several weasels in a rubber man suit, who prefers shrieking incoherently.”

‘The Gloss Magazine’ Quote:
“French leave.”

‘Scandal’ Quote:
“You knew the bullet was coming.”

Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Responsible for their good choices.”

“Hold my words against me a lot.”

“Complex and dark syndrome.”

“Mentally deranged girl.”

“To stay present.”

“Full of false information.”

“Horrible, awful human being.”

“They lie all the time.”

“Why would you even make that comment?”

“Choice point.”

“Your logic trail on that.”

“Unfinished emotional business.”

“Abuse check.”

“Not very bright.”

“Devil child.”

“I still don’t believe her.”

‘The Fates’ Quote:
“Cows don’t explode.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Remained notable by his absence.”

“A respectable excuse for not behaving respectably.”

“Look on in visible disgust.”

“Judgemental attitudes towards permissible behaviour by women.”

“Undervalued and unsupported.”

“Cranial dispatch.”

“Rationally battling with beliefs too entrenched to be reasoned with.”

“Apparently accepting community.”

“Moralisation law.”

“The America that Trump would like to create if he could, but can’t.”

“Nostalgia arena-rock circuit.”

“One of the most mercenary figures in rock.”

“Garish defiant cartoon.”

“Always thought she was slightly above the rest of the family.”

“Nations are built on wishful versions of their origins.”

“Silences where they should have been evidence.”

“Communicating in a language the present understands.”

“The Society for the Reformation Of Manners.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Preparing for some kind of confrontation.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Got on his soapbox, out-shouted his detractors - and won.”

“I don’t value the opinion of the Daily Mail,”

“Into which a lodger arrived and gradually supplanted her father.”

“They were not like us.”

“Anti-officer sentiment.”

‘Versailles’ Quote:
“I’m building an empire. I’ve no intention of sharing it.”

‘The A Team’ Quote:
“I’m in an Iraqi sewer. Thanks boss.”

‘Britain’s Biggest Hoarders’ Quote:
“15 years out of date.”
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