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Movie Reviews: Wonder Woman + Bullitt + Boyhood + Legend

Wonder Woman (2017)
This was good even if Lynda Carter didn’t have a cameo. Book-ended by a modern day framing story, this tells the origin of Diana Prince (never referred to as Wonder Woman). Diana (Gal Gadot) grows up on a paradise island trained by Amazons. The scenery is beautiful and Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen brood. Then Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) and World War 1 breach the mysterious mist surrounding paradise island.

Diana learns of a malevolently scheming German general (Danny Huston) who smiles smugly over his evil doing with Dr Poison. The soulful Diana heads off with Steve to end the war. She has no long term plan as she picks up a bevy of sidekicks. This is an entertaingly ridiculous pulp tale. Diana’s slow-motion walk across No Man’s Land in the iconic costume is suitably dramatic. This is not a brutal social realist piece though some of it is mired in bleakness of which Diana registers her displeasure and unease.

This was not bracingly astute as Diana ends up with bittersweet regrets and acceptance of life’s disappointments and appalling activities. She has sad yearning, growing despair, calm authority and it’s all wildly implausible but enjoyable.

Best Line:
“They don’t know that.”

Bullitt (1968)
Steve McQueen, Robert Vaughn and Robert Duvall star in this self consciously hip movie. A sleazy politician (Vaughn) asks a cop (McQueen) to protect a witness from the organisation (namely the mafia) in San Francisco. This was not good, yes it has that car chase but still.

Best Lines:
I’m waiting to ask him.”

“Start remembering.”


Boyhood (2014)
This was militantly appalling and vied for relevance.

Legend (2015)
Tom Hardy plays the Kray brothers. This was a mildly ludicrous overblown irrelevance with swearing and violence.

Best Lines:

“Your miserable life will swallow you whole.”
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