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Book Review: Prophecy

Prophecy by David Seltzer
This 1979 eco-horror novel has causal racism by awful people, the heroine being a whiner who drinks while pregnant and the ‘hero’ visiting seedy enclaves in the city. Then the ‘hero’ and heroine go to the countryside and encounter a pollution caused disaster. This eco horror novel inspired a movie starring Robert Foxworth and Talia Shire. It was inspired by an infamous real life pollution disaster in Japan.

The ‘hero’ is a doctor, his wife is a cello playing whiner and they go to a small town on behalf of the EPA. The small town is full of sickness, mutations and a monster. These threats were caused by uncaring polluters. This was okay if not hugely positive. This shows the bleak, grimmy, scuzzy, scummy 70s and it is full of nasty, unpleasant people and bad things that cannot be rectified.

Best Lines:
“The forest, which seemed deceptively benevolent.”

“It was not a statement. It was a prayer.”
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