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Z Nation #1 Sea Of Death Reviewed

Based on the Syfy show, this is a prequel set during Black Summer. People are wholly concerned with food. While not compelling reading, this is good fun as there is rumour, relentless dread and fear and bad guys behaving appallingly, now the stultified social veneer is gone. As always ‘Z Nation’ defies logical reasoning and is full of self-deluding thoughts, incautious heroes, disinhibited smirking weasels on a fatal course of action and ill fate and impermanence. The bad guys in this issue have short term opportunism and incidental idiocy. This had no emotional nuance but was enjoyable.

Best Lines:
“All I’ve had to eat for a week is half a pop tart I had to fight an undead toddler for.”

“Zombie cattle.”

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