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The Dark Secret Of Harvest Home (1978) part 2 + Supergirl 2x22 + The Flash 3x23 Reviewed

The Dark Secret Of Harvest Home (1978) part 2
Bette Davis, Rosanna Arquette, Tracey Gold and David Ackroyd star in this miniseries of mumbling, a scarecrow and something monstrous lurking in a pastoral rural community. This is not chillingly bleak but David Ackroyd of ‘Deadly Lessons’ has charm. Davis mumbles and doesn’t bleat-shriek as Widow Fortune. There are apparently darkly purposed rituals going on but it takes a lot of build up to get to them. This was made by NBC who would later on make ‘Deadly Lessons’.

Something insidious is brewing in the idyllic Cornwall Coombe. It is untouched by time and is seemingly tranquil with a strong emphasis on community. This miniseries has no palpable tension. The locals are not gregarious. This has no air of credibility. A quilt is made, a lamb is sacrificed and the Widow Fortune is an obvious liarface. Nick (Ackroyd) can’t get anyone to share his big city interests. A bloodied scythe is waved and there is over earnestness. Nick’s mockery and dismal of the ways of Cornwall Coombe will lead to lethal consequences. Eventually.

The locals do an ecstatic celebration of corn. This was based on a much vaunted book which is out of print now and this miniseries isn’t on DVD. Nick’s wife and child like the town, he doesn’t much care for it or them. Local lad Woody and his 70s hair wants to leave. This miniseries was relentlessly mediocre. It’s obvious the locals are very dangerous people. There are endless cornfields and dark woods. Nick has arrogance and condescension and this is no pastoral bliss for him. The locals have a quiet dignity and a work ethic. Nick is belligerent. The un-amiable peddler knows something. The village is not short of idiots. Nick is all ludicrous smugness. One does not care. People talk in country ways, Nick and his grim expression finds a skull and is self involved and pompous and excluded from the narrative. But not for long, hee hee hee.

Best Lines:
“Against the ways.”

“What do you do around here besides watching the corn grow?”

“Very old one.”

“Demented kid.”

“Pagan princess.”

“Drink their own urine.”

“I got no say in my own life.”

“Ungainly thing she was.”

“Fired a shotgun at me.”

“Quaint custom.”

“If it pleases you.”

Nevertheless, She Persisted
Superman hallucinates Zod. Where is the real Zod? This has silver kryptonite, Teri Hatcher overacting and Superman hits the heights of fury. Where is Max Lord? Kara fawns over Mon-El. Lillian and Lena snarl. Mon-El is so selfish. Fake Hank wakes up. Real Hank has vanished. Cat sneers.

Supergirl and Superman are arrogant. Lena can make the atmosphere toxic to the Daxamites. Mon-El has moral culpability. The much-maligned Mon-El needs to go and finally does. There is a fight and I’m done with this show. What’ll be the aftermath of the alien invasion? Lillian is hailed as a heroine because Cadmus was right all along. Rhea dies, nobody cares. I wish Mon-El would die. Why does Kara love him? She’s forgotten all about James. Alex proposes to Maggie. Cat spews more un-salient advice.

Where are Snapper Carr and Roulette? Where is James? Cat knows who Kara is. Where did Mon-El go? Oh who cares? It turns out that the House of El wasn’t the only lot that sent children into space. Fascinating, only not.

Best Lines:
“That needs to be handled.”

“Parading around like Darth Vader, punching out bad guys.”

“There’s nothing to do.”

“Make tomorrow better.”

“Fashion challenged fascist.”

“I turned down Rob Lowe. Twice.”

“And then it will Reign.”

Finish Line
What a cop out. Iris isn’t dead, only HR is. Bye HR, nobody liked you anyway. Why are Joe and Iris okay with the murderous Barry? They’re all so selfish. Vibe wears his dumb outfit. Killer Frost reverbs and decides to not be evil. Savitar roars. Julian is pointless. Where is Snow’s mother? John Wesley Shipp shows up. Savitar aka evil emo Barry bores. I’m done with this.

Harry shows up. Iris bores. Zoom aka Hunter aka Black Flash shows up and Snow kills him. Jay prances. Gypsy babbles. Technobabble is spewed. People wave their hands at each other. Where is the priest at HR’s funeral? Snow won’t go good. Nothing here was conducive to reason. I don’t care.

Best Lines:
“Grand Ascension.”

“Go bad.”
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