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Book Reviews: A Day For Damnation + Closing Doors

The War Against The Chtorr Book Two: A Day For Damnation by David Gerrold
This 1985 novel sees still no serious commitment to the war. Things are not hugely positive and there are more author tracts and weird sexual politics. This leaves one unresponsive. This earns no plaudits and one can concisely say that this was rubbish.

This has 3D printing, nobody cares that the US destroyed Pakistan and sense has been expunged from public consciousness. This was racist, sexist and the lead character goes into raptures over a pentax-pro: “with eight gigs of zilog layered memory!” This has no charm or promise. Why bother with quality or a decent cover? This novel can’t be derided enough. Idiocy is sadly commonplace as are idlers. There are wildly inaccurate comments about dinosaurs and an attack by killer pink alien fluff.

Best Lines:
“Plaintive wail of anguish.”

“Weren’t designed for friendliness.”

“What kind of ecology could produce creatures like the Chtorran worm?”

“The Chtorran primary is a red star. Very old.”

“Presumably that’s what rules Chtorr.”

“That place below despair.”

Closing Doors by TA Pratt
The tale of Marla Mason, contemptuous narcissistic sociopath sorcerer turned God Of Death, concludes. Something is targeting her with deliberate malice. Again. Meanwhile Marla wants a new slampiece and characters do not act reasonably rationally and sanely and in their own best interests. Seedy enclaves are visited, un-constructive things are done and Marla and her idiot lackeys realise that they should in some way bear responsibility for this latest threat. This was intensely dull and not a cohesive unit. Marla’s choice of consort is a bit of a surprise, things are tied up and then it ends. This was dull with a naff cover.

Best Lines:
“Personal murder-sidekick.”

“Happiness was never a part of her essential nature.”

“Earthworms in the soil under her feet went mad, insofar as they were able, and began tunnelling the shape of forbidden sigils.”
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