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Harper's Island Ep 4 Review

Henry and the groomsmen go fishing and find what's left of Hunter. One of the groomsmen, Malcolm, steals Uncle Marty's money that was in the boat. They tell nobody what they found. Nobody notices the various missing dead people. Where is the crispy bridesmaid's dog? There are so many characters in this, I get confused as to who is who and what their relation to each other is. Shay is Trish's sister and she is the mother of Madison. Richard is her ex and he's the one banging Shay and Trish's stepmother. Someone smashes all Trish's china. A psychic freaks out over Abby. A groomsman accidentally shoots himself dead. This was not good.

Best Lines:
"Don't get too excited. She's a local girl, we'll be lucky of she has more teeth than fingers."

"Maybe he killed himself."
"Right, because he felt bad about being a drug dealer."

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