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Arrow 5x22 + Clique 1x03&1x04 Reviewed

Where did Vigilante go? Chase is particularly vociferous about revenge. Does Oliver not face adrenal exhaustion? Thea’s baby voice annoys. Curtis annoys. Diggle has alienated his wife and child and could care less. Quentin and Felicity are superfluous. I’ve no incentive to care. Oliver’s negative treatment of others deserves a sharp reprimand. The useless Lian Yu flashbacks are not concise. When Chase is in his glass cell, where is the toilet? This is all Chase’s direct responsibility apparently. He has unrepentant anger.

Oliver is incurious as to how Chase knows all these things. Chase does ill-service. Quentin meets Black Siren; he has no emotional self-defence against that. Oliver beats Chase. Malcolm shows up, was John Barrowman kicked off the show or what? Tommy is not mentioned. See what you caused Oliver! Nyssa shows up. Oliver gets stupid and violent. Oliver looks up Slade. This was not good and was a terrible lapse in judgement.

Best Lines:
“Worse than a shipper on a soap opera.”

“Locks are more like suggestions.”

“Millennial nonsense.”

“You are not welcome here Malcolm.”

“Red death.”

“Gets dumber with time.”

“I’ll cover you. Really.”

Clique 1x03&1x04
Our heroine Holly gets an intern job. Doesn’t she have college to attend? Holly is uninformed and soon loses her place among the alleged cultural elite. This was not insightful about the mundanity of power. Holly is a recipe for inconvenience. Who is James? This has no incendiary brilliance just morose cheerlessness. People have distressing indifference. Holly is acquiescent and eager to please. There are no strict behavioural standards. Louise broods. Rory lurks.

The plot and gaggle of undifferentiated men are unfollowable. Steiner is criminal scum. Georgia takes macabre sinister mean spirited glee is being awful. She should be observed with ambivalence and suspicion. Elizabeth is insistent on feigning innocence. Holly makes empty assertions and exudes contempt for Elizabeth, who is a better friend to her than the slutty disloyal Georgia.

The interns regard outsiders with either scorn or pity. Holly ends up in Fay’s old room before being chucked out. This doesn’t appeal. Holly is inconsolable and has moral doubts. She makes bad judgement calls. Nobody is truly sincere. Holly has horrified astonishment at Georgia being the c word. Rachel wants to be Holly’s friend. Jude and Phoebe try the patience. This was glossy but empty. Who is Sam? The Solasta company is corrupt and Fay’s man James ends up dead.

All the pretty pretty girls that Holly calls friends are awful people. There is bad acting. Steiner is a human trafficker. Rory is an undercover cop. Georgia does cocaine openly at a party. Who is Charlie? Georgia doesn’t want to be saved. She has animosity and apparently likes being abused. She’s cut the cord, Holly should do the same. Flashbacks show what Holly did as a kid. This does not sound a sinister note. Jude rages. This was mmmm with no atmosphere of menace.

Best Lines:
“James is dead.”

“Is that allowed?”

“I refuse to care.”

“What being Alistair’s top girl really means.”

“Get out before you’re me.”

“Internet mafia.”

“Ordering banker drinks.”

“You can bugger off, I’m busy now.”

“They think we’re going to report them to HR.”

“Properly clever.”

“You ginormorous whore.”

“Doubt their commitment to student welfare.”
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