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Book Review: Follow Me Down

Follow Me Down by Sherri Smith
Mia has to return to her small town when her brother, Lucas, goes missing. He faces judgment and is the prime suspect in the murder of one of his students. Lucas was a good boy and got a pass on everything, but not anymore. People like to point the finger. Mia looks into things but has neither the ability nor the appetite to find answers. This book starts out well as an expose of pastoral America. But it goes downhill with Mia’s self-pity, pill-popping and attention getting stunts. Also the big reveal is utterly ludicrous and improbable. I don’t care about Mia or Lucas or the formative forces that shaped them.

Best Lines:
“Swimming helps me mourn.”

“He eyed me in a way I didn’t like.”

“We were not a nice family.”

“He still thinks he’s the town darling.”

“Stellar parenting there.”
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