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Book Reviews: Primal + Into the Silence

Torchwood: Into The Silence by Sarah Pinborough

An alien is running around Cardiff killing singers. Torchwood investigate and learn the alien's motives and the one way to end its rampage. This was okay.

Primal by Robin Baker

No clothes, no shelter, no hope of rescue. How did they survive?

Over a year after their mysterious disappearance, the survivors of a missing university field trip were found on a remote Pacific island. Despite the death of some of their number, the survivors told a brave story of how they banded together with hope and cooperation in order to survive. But some doubt their story. One man begins to poke holes in their version of events and begins to piece together what he thinks happened on the island and what he uncovers is monstrous savagery.

This is a dark, savage tale of the stripping away of the thin veneer of civilisation to expose the ugliness that lies beneath. This is very good and disturbing.
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