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Agents Of SHIELD 4x17 + Shades Of Blue 2x10 Reviewed

Identity And Change
TPTB want to endow Coulson with stupefying virility. Daisy is entirely devoid of objectivity or intelligence. Agents of Hydra, indeed. Daisy is self-pitying. Mack has a daughter named Hope? A stupid daughter. Hydra is impressively bad.  Coulson is manifestly unsuited to sense. Jemma is openly dismissive of Ward. Her loathing for him never abated. She is contemptuous of sense. What is Project Looking Glass? Madame Hydra aka Ophelia is a toxic temptress. Fitz is unapologetic, which makes his loathing of real Ward a joke.

There is torpor acting. Daisy is unaffectionate to Ward. May and her horrific callousness causes one to be impatient with her temperament and behaviour. This was utter nonsense. Jemma and her pious ranting is infuriating. Who is Jeffrey Mace and why is he growling and dirty looking? Daisy has no moral imperative and treats Ward with detachment and indifference. Jeffrey aka The Patriot is perfunctory. All the actors put aside nuance and charisma. This isn’t as good as 4x16. People flee the wanton imposition of the Hydra nation. May has deep seated conviction and inexhaustible love for Hydra.

Mack’s daughter watches ‘Chopping Mall’? Hydra took the SHIELD academy? No one objected? Jemma sneers and needs to shut up. May has no physical menace. Poor unlamented real Ward. Reconceived Ward has no apparent joy. Fitz has no quiet depths, he yells and twitches like a meth-head. He is all impatient fury. Cold and quiet Madame Hydra is ruinous. Nobody is calmly rational. This lacks impact.

May is shameful and her utter conviction bores. Jemma has lofty disregard. Radcliffe is teasingly opaque. Who is Agnes? Is Madame Hydra wearing a cape and trying to look like Kylo Ren? Madame Hydra doesn’t like the name Aida and wears a Hydra pin. This was okay. Agnes and Madame Hydra look alike. Why is Radcliffe hanging out with Agnes who looks young enough to be his daughter or grand-daughter? Eew. Jemma has not gained any perspective.

Best Lines:
“A virtual prison.”

“Mind control soap.”

“Follow their rules. Always.”

“We will make out society great again.”
“Hail Hydra.”

“SHIELD won the war. Hydra lost.”

“Hello again, traitor.”

“Things have gone dreadfully wrong.”

Whoever Fights Monsters
Harlee lies and shows what an awful person she is. Linda shows up. Nobody has shrewdness. The devastating effects of Woz’s actions go on. Smarmy reprobate Stahl has a vengeful quest. Miguel’s body has been moved but a tooth has been left behind. Christina rants about Harlee’s maternal role - or lack of one. Nobody has a moral backbone. This was not particularly fascinating. Nobody has want, will or resilience. Woz has a little black book. The IA guy tries to look and sound important. Woz tries to stave off near unanimous opprobrium.

Woz and Harlee and co dare not weary of the task of being murderous jerks. Was Tess even in this? Judgemental statements are made but nobody has contrition. Stahl has questionable perceptions and is suspended. How is he wandering around Harlee’s apartment without any of the 3 people in it noticing? Woz murders a mob moll and a mob guy. This is his statement of intent. There are sinister implications.

Best Lines:
“I know that trick too.”

“You can’t keep that promise.”

“Nothing is okay.”

“Worse kind of bad guy.”

“Looks less than good.”

“Side piece.”

“Disturbing abuse of power.”

“Take the dog for a walk. Violence upsets him.”
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