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Book Review: Holy Fools

Holy Fools by Joanne Harris
From the author of ‘Gentlemen & Players’ comes this tale of bleak misery and a wilful ‘nun’ named Juliette set during the early reign of Louis XIII. Juliette has a daughter and is reasonably content with her life in the nunnery. And then the new Abbess arrives. She is a spoilt stupid child and accompanying her and her glum litany of complaints is Juliette’s ex. He is masquerading as a cleric but is profoundly antisocial and has cold indifference to her as he has plans. This was a tale of lingering animosity, stupid people, emotional dependence and unadulterated stupidity. This was dull futility and a mess. No, just no. Every character is an irritant.

Best Line:
“Warned her against me.”
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