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Movie Reviews: Grabbers + Devil's Due + Turbulence

Grabbers (2012)
In Ireland, Richard Coyle drinks due to fierce despair or something. He is not affable nor is he a man of iron will. This narrative doldrum isn’t cheerfully ridiculous and has no fabulous absurdity and is not terrifyingly credible. Nuance is at bare minimum. There is pretty scenery. This rubbish unfolds in cataleptic fashion. One is not particularly interested.

Devil’s Due (2014)
Fear is born. This found footage tale has no heart wrenching operatic pathos. This was non-mesmeric. The frustratingly silly narrative is all ludicrous pretensions, groundless melodrama and mumbling. A newlywed gets pregnant and weird stuff happens. Who put all this footage together? This was dull and resolutely dumb. This oft-reviled film isn’t intriguing. People are insufficiently inquisitive and are slightly complacent about the pregnant woman’s mad acts. Is the dog doomed? The couple have attracted dangerous attention. This has no competence or confidence or moral passion.

Best Lines:

“Born from death.”

“Panini grill.”

“That brings you joy.”

“The anti-christ is coming.”

Turbulence (1997)
Ray Liotta (‘Shades Of Blue’) and Lauren Holly star in this silly loony on a plane thriller. Had 2 crap sequels.
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