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Book Reviews: The Boy On The Bridge + Ararat

The Boy On The Bridge by M.R Carey
This prequel to ‘The Girl With All The Gifts’ has no inherent distinctiveness and it is just time-wasting silliness with no satisfying dramatic context. A truck full of soldiers and scientists go out looking for a cure. They run across feral kids. Meanwhile a desperately well meaning protective moron overlooks that her sidekick and his lack of civility will doom humanity through his conniving. This moral absolutist deserves to be hated and despised without restraint. I felt manifest impatience for this. This was not vivid or evocative as the world (and the plot) fall to ruin. This deserves near universal distain.

Best Lines:
“The unimpeachable rightness of his disastrous decisions.”

“Coldly accusing.”

“The misguided and the contemptible.”

“He got eleven thousand people out of a city that used to have a population of eight and a half million. Apparently 99.9 per cent attrition counts as a success.”

“Overflowing anger.”

“Polite pretence.”

“I’m not offering you any kind of an explanation, or any apology.”

“My degree was in history. I never imagined I’d live to see the end of it.”

“Poisoned by its own isolation.”

Ararat by Christopher Golden
This much hyped book is crap that causes increasing irritation. Losers find Noah’s Ark in Turkey and there is a demon onboard and it’s very sinister indeed. People feel morally justified in acting like arses and taking false reassurance from their own smugness. This was badly written and populated by jerks. But what else should you expect from the author of the ’Of Saints And Shadows’ books? This actively enraged me, this was the absolute worst. I don’t care about the ethically unsound twits. Somehow there is no mention of either ISIS or the failed coup. This doesn’t bother with structure, character or motivation.
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