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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Baywatch’ TV spot

‘Dude, Where’s My Car’ (2000) promo

‘Ackley Bridge’ promo

‘Something’s Gotta Give’ (2003) promo

Agents of SHIELD’ promo

‘Broken’ promo

‘Doctor Who’ 10x07 promo
A pyramid, fake yanks, evil aliens and this was nah.

Dark chocolate with grapefruit & pink peppercorns - good.

Anyone see the 1992 ‘Singles’?

I want those salon de mars glace earrings in white gold, darkened silver, platinum and diamonds.

I won’t read ‘Towards Zero’.

Saw the latest ‘Angel’ comic. What happened to the ‘& Faith’?

Watched the wretched ‘Poirot’ ep ‘Third Girl’. It starred Tom Mison (of ‘Sleepy Hollow’), Peter Bowles and Jemina Roper (of ‘Hex’, ‘Lost In Austen’ and ‘Bouquet of Barbed Wire’). The book was set in the 60s but the TV version is set in the 30s. Norma (Roper) thinks she murdered someone. Poirot is unbothered and has effrontery. This was riddled with cliché. No-one has quiet composure or quiet panache or melodramatic heft. This was all clunking clichés and the resolution is dumb. Everything elicits a teary response from Norma. She has bad fillers and 2 gleefully rude flatmates. This was unpromising. Who is David? 30s ice cream is shown off. Norma is a bimbo and I felt utter derision for this.

Best Lines:
“Second best bedroom.”

“Kind eye on her.”

“Looking somewhat left out.”

“We are stuck with you.”

“Dead people and blood.”

“Not a happy woman.”

“Popping it round.”

“Are you old friends?”

“Birds in her attic.”

“Completely unconcerned.”

‘Townandcountrymag’ Quote:
“Now I’m a recluse. I haven’t been to a restaurant in six months.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Tweets a stream of angry treason from her toilet at 3am?”

“Not impressed by their attempts.”

“Been told by their management to do it.”

“All the things that have disappeared from it - panhandlers, the dollar-and-a-quarter haircut, gumball machines and characters with stories to tell.”

“Right and proper moral judgement to make.”

“Bastard miner,”

“Creating a future they don’t want to live in.”

“Out moded movie nonsense.”

“Not knowing what it portends.”

“Died in circumstances never made entirely clear.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Binding commitments.”

“Imploding culture.”

“The subject of the town.”

“I don’t appreciate that.”

“I’m going away now, you cannot follow.”

“I’m not doing it for your approval. I’m doing it because it amuses me.”

“Don’t know. Don’t care.”

“Societal narrative.”

“Brandishing a baseball bat the first time and a machete on the second occasion.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“Extremely threatening remarks made.”

“Rather inconveniently parked car.”

“Hostile intelligence service.”

‘Euronews’ Quote:
“His passport was annulled.”

‘Holy Fools’ Quotes:
“Blamed for every misfortune from drought to apple-rot.”

“Never quite in disfavour, but always on the brink of social disgrace.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“A catalogue of miseries.”

“A hardiness sufficient to the run the Empire, and to always feel comparatively at home in a hostile environment.”

“Silent loyalty.”

“Dry wit and confident persona.”

“Two actors walking in a circle with cardboard boxes on their heads.”

“Plague of cockney banter.”

“Goodies are boring but necessary.”

“Shady dive.”

“Lack the cultural understanding of what’s required.”

Doctor Who’ Quotes:
“The library of blasphemy.”

“Pain is information. Information will be gathered.”

“I am what stands between you and them.”
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