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Clique (2017) 1x01&1x02 + Arrow 5x21 Reviewed

Clique (2017) 1x01&1x02
This BBC3 drama has silly opening credits, mumbling, slutty clothes, chav accents and un-glorified college days. This is not overly complex or torrid. This has no unsettling atmosphere. A radical professor mutters about bespoke internships. The heroine doesn’t really like her friend. There are drugs, partying, swearing and our heroine bores. Darkness surrounds her. The heroine’s BFF is drawn into the clique of popular over made-up girls with shiny shiny hair. There is a failed suicide by one of the shiny shiny girls.  Then she tries again and gets it right.

The heroine cries and her BFF ignores her. The boring girl in the room next door is overlooked. The clique girls have secrets. Her BFF abandons her to take up with the clique. The BFF is a nasty slut. What did the heroine do as a child that led to all her friends ditching her? Who are the clique and what do they do? The heroine has two men after her. The BFF is a bitch and the clique is cultish. WTF is going on? Am interested. This was okayish.

Best Lines:
“Wave it goodbye.”

“Richer than Bono.”

“Get to sit in my nice car.”

“If you’re not the best than don’t waste my time. I don’t like you.”

“Obsession with being offended.”

“Get off Twitter.”

“They don’t like me anymore.”

“You think people are your friends, turns out they’re not.”

“Are you one of them? You look like one of them.”

“Weird girl politics.”

“How much HR she actually does.”

“Penis flytrap.”

Honor They Father
This was not laden with menace. All the convicts Chase prosecuted are released. Quentin is useless. Why does Oliver get away with grievous wrongs whilst Chase is hunted? Dinah lurks. Felicity is fraught. Jamey Sheridan, David Nykl and Dolph Lungren guest star. Oliver, at last, wonders about his ignored son. And in useless flashbacks Oliver returns to Lian Yu with Anatoli. Oliver has no serious intent and Thea whines about her miserable existence. If Chase is so supposedly awful, what about Oliver’s murderous dad? Oliver and Quentin want to cover up Robert Queen’s murderous acts but can’t. Oliver believes it is a frame-job but it isn’t. How does Chase know all these things? Oliver is smug.

Oliver came back to Lian Yu and faked being a castaway. He set up the mask on a stick. Oliver is rancorous and why does he have societal permission to be universally unkind? Diggle and Felicity bore. There is dull surprise acting and Oliver is disparaging. Chase has iron resolve. The news about Robert Queen is out. Oliver has a tone of certainty. Thea tries to be badass. Oliver already knew Robert was a murderer; he shot the other man in the lifeboat. There is no certain sense of achievement in this ep. Why was a vat of liquid concrete standing around for Robert Queen to push his victim into? Anatoli bribed the fishermen to go to Lian Yu. Nobody noticed that Oliver’s beard was fake? Renee whines about his custody case. People are full of castigation for Chase. Kovar was on Lian Yu? Renee (Rick Gonzalez of ’Reaper’) is a tool. Why does Thea need to be a living emotional cutch for Oliver? Why do neither she nor Oliver mention that Thea had another brother? Namely Tommy. This was rubbish.

Best Lines:
“I pretend that is good thing.”

“Bad omen.”

“Weaponise tuberculosis.”

“The man is terrifying.”

“Human scum.”
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