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Agents Of SHIELD 4x16 + Shades Of Blue 2x09 + Gotham 3x06 Reviewed

What If...
WTF is the Framework? It’s like ‘VR5’? Jemma and Daisy run around a VR Hydra dominated world. Grant Ward is alive in this world and he and Daisy are a couple. Daisy doesn’t have her stupid Quake powers; she just waves her hand at Ward in a stupid fashion. Ward wanders around in his underpants.

Daisy has no dignity and is called Skye by Ward. Daisy looks like she came out of the trashcan. Daisy and her cartoonish sneer works for Hydra with Ward. Hydra hunts Inhumans. Brett Dalton has been missed, somehow John Hannah is in the main cast but thankfully he is not in this ep. Where are the Avengers and Captain America? A school is named after Alexander Pierce. There is a big Hydra statue. Lincoln is dead and May has illegitimate anger. Jemma digs her way out of a mass grave and is not wily. People don’t like SHIELD.

People have to carry a citizen’s card. Ward punches someone. Blackberrys are the height of technology. The show is very desaturated looking. People babble about the Cambridge Incident. Coulson rants and Jemma goes on and on about Hydra and Nazis. Hydra is uncompromising. Fitz is called The Doctor and is trying so hard to be a badass. Oooh scary, not. Why is Jemma so dumb? Jemma lick-arses Coulson. This was good, I’m glad I watched this instead of ‘Redwater’. There’s a resistance and an ‘I’m With Hydra. Are You?’ poster. What happened to Gravitron? Or the baddie played by David Conrad? Jemma is dumb and surly and always has been.

Ward turns out to be a resistance mole. Who is Radcliffe? Who is Yoyo? Jemma and Daisy can’t leave the Framework. Leopold Fitz makes out with the anorexic looking Madame Hydra.

Best Lines:
“Never say that.”

“This world is a lie!”

“The extraction beacon.”

“SHIELD fell?”

Chaos Is Come Again
Christina is stupid, Woz and Harlee wallow in enduring darkness and have no stigma of shame. The IA dude lurks. Stahl is a corruptive crazy violent influence. This is inattentive to sense. Woz’s son lurks. There is death and Harlee plans to murder Stahl and then she doesn’t. Shame as Stahl has got a clue. Does nobody ever notice people walking into that graveyard with shovels?

Woz’s son asks his father about Donnie. Woz’s son hates his dead sister and how his father preferred her. Woz won’t discuss his sexuality with his son. Woz’s house is shot up and his son is shot. Christina talks about songs in church, doesn’t she mean hymns? Will Woz’s son live? Who shot up Woz’s house? This was mediocre.

Best Lines:
“He deserves it.”

“Do you have a moment?”
“Not for you.”

Follow The White Rabbit
Mad Hatter prances, Penguin bores and this show has no consistency. Valerie Vale prances and is shot. TPTB do dumb crap with Penguin and Riddler. Barbara sneers. Vale and Lee are in peril. Barnes RAGES. This was crap and not incisive. This was full of over-acting and Bullock is ignored.

Best Lines:
“What you want means nothing to me.”

“Stoke the tension.”
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