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Watchmen: Motion Comic (2008) Reviewed

This is an abridged 12 segment take on the comic book with bad voice acting. There are mentions of an island, despairing apathy and charmlessness. This has portentous doom and gloom. Nite Owl II has wide-eyed indignation at the ultimate consequences of people playing at being superheroes. Did Laurie and Dr Manhattan hook up when she was 15? Ew. Deliberately amoral types do amoral things. Rorschach had oh-so-fun formative years. The grinning jackass Adrian Veidt is crazy. Laurie is vapid and has no aura of menace. Rorschach and Nite Owl II ride scooters through the Antarctic. The shrike Laurie annoys, Vedit is devious and this was good. But as horrifying as the giant squid is; how would anyone ever believe it was alien?

Best Lines:
“I don’t need to know that bad.”

“A wink intended for the trilobites, all long dead.”

“Not convincing enough.”

“Usual complaints regarding hygiene and rent.”

“He was normal once.”

“Infantile imagery.”

“Nice straight-forward brutality.”

“Perhaps unnecessary, though who can judge such things.”

“A unity that would survive him.”

“I could. I did.”

One guy on serious drugs.”

“Government sponsored weirdoes.”

“He’s got friends, must have changed his deodorant.”

“Campus subversion.”

“Running scared since 65.”

“Never dare antagonise us.”

“Retired in disgrace.”

“Moral lapses.”

“I shall not compromise in this.”

“Social evils.”

“Hold the lower East side.”

“They don’t like us.”
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