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Book Reviews: The Master Of Time + The Manitou + Coffee With Groucho

The Master Of Time by David Wingrove
This bitter, cynical and brutal banality bores. This was not precise and has no clearly identifiable threat. The ‘Roads To Moscow’ trilogy ends here in dullsville. Book 1 was good, Book 2 was unreadable and this is just ridiculous. It lacks coherence and is full of sexual violence. People intervene in time and there are reprisals and it is all rubbish. It all ends in complete devastation and there is no human decency. This was not bold or ambitious.

The Manitou by Graham Masterson
Dignity-shredding rubbish.

Coffee With Groucho by Simon Louvish
A small bio and a fictional interview with Groucho Marx are in this okay very small book.

Best Lines:
“All German acts became suspect.”

“The laughing stopped.”

“Well they laughed at that in 1902.”
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