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Cane Eps 12 & 13 Reviewed

Thus the curtain falls and a most unsatisfactory curtain it is too. Alex makes his son's wedding all about him and his feud with Joe Samuels. Jamie acted like a moron. Frank stood in a burning cane field and his on again off again asthma did not affect him. Alex stormed off to point a gun at Joe Samuels. Then someone killed Joe, before he expired he and Alex still found time to spout low rent villain lines at each other and scream like 'Maury' guests. After 13 eps of acting like a thug, Alex is shocked when he's arrested for the Samuels murder. Ellie's reaction to this is never shown as she isn't seen. But we get lots of Alex ranting and being superior. Anyway Alex quits Duque rum and does a slow-motion waddle into the rain and he's still a murder suspect. We'll never learn who killed Joe. Was it Ellie? Frank? Didn't Joe have a son in the first ep? Show was cancelled, nothing is resolved. Utterly unsatisfactory. Maybe 'Kings' will be better viewing.

Best Lines:
"Why the gun?"
"I had no reason to think he'd be happy to see me."

"Do you guys do all the things the media says you do?"
"Pretty much."
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