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Code Black 2x16 + Blindspot 2x20 Reviewed

Fallen Angels
The ER sees the worst US viral outbreak in years. The foster brat whines. The brat is out of touch with her emotions. The staff whine and have no mental distance. There is sap and bad acting. There is a worrying trend towards conspiracy theories. The medics do not try to mitigate the damage, instead they make things worse. There is arbitrary plotting. Rob Lowe is smug and is unimaginably dumb. The plot is fairly obvious. The staff defy the CDC and refuse to co-operate with constraints. People can’t cope. A hysterical woman is hysterical. I loathed this ep. There is no narrative drive as the stupid medics trigger chaos. The medics are nasty, petty individuals and glory in their syrupy sentimentality.

Best Lines:
“Here in downtown.”

“Loss of mental capacity.”

“She’s not a piece of medical waste.”

“I need you to choose bigger.”

“First circle of exposure.”

“They lost the virus.”

“Something’s not right.”
“You mean like the blood all over the floor?”

“Fluid born contagion.”


In Words, Drown I
In an impenetrable plot undercover angry is in jail. Jane hangs out with her wretched violent nut job evil brother. Kurt learns Jane is still keeping secrets from him and RAGES. There is another Taylor Shaw mention. Angry is confrontational and where is angry hiding the phone while in jail? This was not hugely impressive. Ronda Rousey guest stars as an inmate. There is emotional distance, silence and resentment.  Blondie elicits neither interest nor support. Rousey has no toughness, hardness or charisma. This was mediocre with no high dramatic scenes. I can see why I dropped this show, I only watched this ep because of Rousey.

Best Lines:
“They don’t always wait til you’re not in it.”

“The razor wire on the fence.”

“Very not ideal.”
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