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Book Review: The White Road

The White Road by Sarah Lotz
From the author ‘The Three’ and ‘Day Four’ comes this creepy tale of a jerk who climbs Everest to film the dead bodies on it for a website. But he isn’t alone. Meanwhile a journal reveals another doomed attempted summit of Everest. This is a deceptively simple, strangely compelling tale of over-ambition by initially defiant confrontational characters who generate huge irritation. There is nameless unease, hideous silence and characters reduced to somewhat pathetic figures who lack lucidity. The outcome is unpredictable as the characters are forced into a position they have not chosen as something has atavistic and unrelenting hostility for them. This was very good, creepy and the ending is inevitable.

Best Lines:
“He’s come at me with a shotgun before.”

“Get divorced and marry a twenty-year-old stripper?”

“He’d be the one who’d live to regret it.”
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