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4 Comics Reviewed

Wonder Woman: free comic book day
Rebirth?  Did this replace The New 52? This is Year One: Part One. Diana and Steve Trevor live their separate lives. Then his transport plane crashes on the Amazon’s island. This was very good.

Best Line:
“We are discovered.”

Buffy The High School Years: free comic book day
No need to fear, the slayer’s here indeed. When is this allegedly happening? Buffy never looked like that. Is she hanging out with Xander? When did Sunnydale have a downtown or a comic book shop? How is the vampire out in daylight? We also get an excerpt of ‘Plants v Zombies’. This was squandered potential and was unworthy of any confidence.

Best Lines:
“We got evil!”

“They act strange and dress real peculiar.”

“He’s wandering off aimlessly to do strange things that nobody understands ---but that usually end up having great significance.”

Betty & Veronica #1: free comic book day
I can recall old style ‘Archie’ comics. Archie and Jughead yap. Betty is nice, Veronica is mean and why is this narrated by a dog? The local soda joint is closing down. Betty rages that Riverdale isn’t trapped in amber, preserved in time and beats on Jughead. This was very meta but not that good.

Best Lines:
“It makes you look mannish and undateable.”

“Have you ever heard a banker laugh? It was like someone walking over my grave.”

“Oh, it’s brung!! It’s brung!!!”

Riverdale: free comic book day
Based on The CW show, which I’ve never seen. This is darker and edgier ‘Archie’. Why did Archie’s mom leave? Why is Archie doing a Macron with his teacher? Why does Archie have no other friends? Archie and Jughead have had a rift, which is of jarring significance. Why is his teacher giving into base instincts? Why is Archie all frustration and melancholy? Why is Jughead so outrageously annoyed? There was a death and a mysterious gunshot. The 2nd story sees Veronica live in the Dakota. She has a life of luxury; she loves her daddy, ignores her mommy and then falls from grace due to Dad’s sins. Veronica’s parents are from Riverdale? This was very good with so much potential for darkness.

Best Lines:
“Our next meeting wouldn’t be nearly as friendly.”

“Who’s lighting fireworks at six in the morning on July fourth?”

“Everyone said they were sorry. But none of them sounded like they were sorry.”

“Those people aren’t really our friends.”

“That weird town off the Metro North?”
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