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Shades Of Blue 2x08 + Gotham 3x05 Reviewed

Unpaid Debts
Julia’s not shot. Paranoia is Woz’s main source of worry. Woz’s reporter son shows up. Tess sasses. Stahl strikes. Trust has evaporated. There is mumbling. There is no culture of obedience. This was chaotic and tenuous. Woz menaces a mob moll. Harlee and her gang do more stupid things. Harlee looks up Stahl’s ex. Woz’s son is told what a horrible person his dad is. Stahl’s ex-partner Molly is looked up. Woz broods. Harlee learns just how crazy Stahl is. Okay.

Best Lines:
“Protection ain’t free.”

“Just took a dump in front of two meth-heads.”

“We’re stealing a car from police impound for a drug dealer!”

“Indictable evidence.”

“She is the villain here.”

Anything For You
Nobody has innocent intent and nobody is of horrifying mythological significance. This tries for unrelieved grim. Gordon hangs out with the useless Valerie Vale. She has an insatiable lust to annoy and raises Gordon’s ire. This had no virtuosity. Barnes has toxic stress. The Red Hood gang return. Riddler prances and is devious. Barnes is losing his stern dignity and wants to awe and cow people with his air of satisfaction.

Penguin has no plangent impassioned delivery. Barbara is a treacherous harlot. Butch plots. Bruce causes exasperation and is demonstrably false. This had no astonishing emotional impact. Fox and Riddler have mutual loathing. Lee slaps Riddler. People say Bruce is great, to give him a shortcut to importance. Gordon is bafflingly ardent for Bruce. Riddler and Butch have formidable ambition. This was raucous.

Riddler doesn’t like people or mercy. This was okay if not psychologically perceptive. Selina and Bruce are un-comprehending. Valerie Vale is not winsome. Mad Hatter shrieks.

Best Lines:
“Oh joy.”

“Was insane. I have a certificate.”

“Making Gotham safe again.”

“I guess they weren’t threatened.”
“By a 300 pound gorilla?”

“I’m guessing that’s not normal.”

“This is our life now.”

“It’s going to be fabulous, none of you are invited.”

“Try not having it. It matters.”

“I’m confused.”

“When my sweet and terrible vengeance upon them reigns.”
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