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Arrow 5x19 + Code Black 2x15 Reviewed

Dangerous Liaisons
People mumble, Helix whine and I won’t bother with 5x20. Oliver is smug and no informed decisions are made. Chase isn’t in this ep. Curtis is smug and awful. People have a universally negative view of Chase. Felicity lies and acts morally superior. WTF is the point of Quentin? Why does nobody arrest Oliver for his offending background? There is public attention on Chase. I’ve no considerable enthusiasm for this. Renee has a wife and child? Nobody cares.

Felicity is willing to accept Helix’s crap. There is a tracker to track heartbeats. Oliver is selfish. ARGUS is pissed off. Diggle is smug. Everyone is achingly disappointed in Felicity. Oliver has not long regretted murdering people. This had way too much Felicity. This was not resonant and was not completely unpredictable. This was improbable nonsense. I wish Curtis would SHUT UP. Why is Felicity forgiven? This was a trivial exercise.

Best Lines:
“Death by elevator.”

“Okay, turning.”

The Devil’s Workshop
A foster kid whines. There is an attempted exorcism of a sick woman. Doctors are smug. The sick woman has black spinal fluid. Eewww. So an infectious disease is loose in the ER. It could be hemorrhagic fever. The CDC show up and install a quarantine. People have well-founded fears and an avoidance of sense. The foster kid needs a slap as she whines and whines. She gets a slew of attention and ignores people’s wishes. There are signs of worry and overacting guest stars. People babble about Patient Zero and amplification. Did somebody in the production staff watch ‘Helix’? This was mediocre and full of sap and stupid people.

Best Lines:
“You inject like a first year.”

“This isn’t Rabies.”

“Real acronym party in here.”

“Coughing, spitting and biting.”

“They never go inside the Hot Zone willingly.”
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