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Secret Empire + Broken Mirror Reviewed

Secret Empire: free comic book day
In this somewhat incoherent tale, Captain America is Hydra and wields Thor’s hammer. How in the name of god is that possible? There is also a Spider-Man/Vulture tale in this. Yawn.

Star Trek The Next Generation: Mirror Broken: free comic book day
This MU tale doesn’t seem to be canon as it doesn’t line up with the MU books. It has really ugly art. The Terran Empire has fallen but Barclay, Picard, Troi and Tasha Yar are still evil and stomping around. There is a department of slavery. Did they learn nothing from the fall of the Empire? Data has Borg bits stuck on him. He was freed from the Soong mines apparently. Nobody is decently intentioned. This was odd. There are also excerpts from reboot ‘Star Trek’ comics. No.
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