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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘House Of Cards’ season 5 trailer
WTF is with Underwood’s accent? Underwood plots, the reporter plots, Underwood’s opponent tantrums and WTF is going on?

Best Line:
“One nation: Underwood.”

‘Gotham’ 3x17 promo
Mr Freeze is shirtless and Penguin and Riddler yell. Heroes rise my ass.

‘Dracula: The Series’ opening credits
Synth music, spinning, bats and teeth. Cheese.

Righteous Kill’ (2008) promo

‘Bedazzled’ (2000) promo

‘I, Robot’ (2004) promo

‘The Italian Job’ (2003) promo

‘Death Becomes Her’ (1992) promo

Anyone see the 1998 ‘Merlin’?

‘Colony’ renewed!

‘Haven’ was not very good.

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“False persecution.”

“Going on nightly Batman vigilante missions.”

“Ruined my name.”

“Fights with a 5 year old.”

“You are so hateful.”

“You’re attacking me when I first wake up.”

“There isn’t a real Batman.”

“80 mile an hour car chase.”

“Good ass weed.”

“Stolen their car 30 times.”

“Kicked holes in the walls.”

“Became combative.”

‘Dracula: The Series’ Quotes:
“Blood sucking thug.”


“Conflict makes me thirsty.”

‘Line Of Duty’ Quote:
“I would throw the book at them - followed by the bookshelves.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Not getting the pitch of her approach correct.”

“Argued with some justification.”

“Were not heard.”

“Indifferent to my present.”

“Cascade of intervention.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Pub bores.”

“Tedious, muesli-fuelled bleatings.”

“Homes of multiple occupations.”

“Shrill, headline-seeking nonsense.”

“Insisting that they stop their fake grieving.”

“False equivalency.”

“I don’t think I’m being difficult.”

“Absolute destitution.”

“Fetid shadow of himself.”

“Standing around looking silly with his tummy hanging out.”

“To teach him a lesson, although he was never told what the lesson was.”

“They alone contain the truth of his life, or something approximating it.”

“Its fate is probably not a happy one.”

“False choice.”

“Dynamically position.”


‘Arrow’ Quotes:
“Because it’s creepy.”

“Something that I haven’t told you guys.”

“Mrs evil.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Clementine the cat has made it to the opening credits as have Shane’s family. With astonishing irresponsibility there has been another accident with terrifying consequences. There is no moral leadership. Mark loves Sonya. Amy whines.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: this humilitainment goes on. Kim craves intimacy and decides to murder Grace. Maxine wears a tiny skirt and rages at Adam. Where is Myra’s baby? Where is Curtis?
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