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Book Reviews: The Diary Of A Teenage Health Freak + Control + The Sorcerer’s Academy

The Diary Of A Teenage Health Freak by Adrian MacFarlane and Ann McPherson
This 1987 novel ripped off ‘Adrian Mole’ but was okay. It had a sequel in ‘I’m A Health Freak Too!’. There were moments of illumination for 80s teens.

Star Trek Section 31: Control by David Mack
Bashir and Sarina continue their deep seated vendetta against Section 31. They have consternation and contention about Section 31. Bashir is remarkably forgiving of the former friends and co-workers who do nothing to help him. There are serious concerns and false assumptions. There are also retcons about the founding of the Federation. Sense is routinely ignored as the author goes on tracts about the surveillance state and makes thinly veiled comments about complicity and the modern day.

Bashir has indignation and things go awry for him with shocking velocity. This was very good, we’ll see if it has any long term effects on the novel-verse. Do Bashir’s moral fortitude, unwarranted confidence, commitment and desperate attempts to escape the unbearable confinement of Section 31’s social impositions count for anything? Bashir’s sincere approach and absolute sincerity makes him a determinant vowed to resist the Federation’s forced conformity. But there is a final taunt. I liked this.

Best Lines:
“One both morally indefensible and absolutely necessary: Section Thirty-One.”

“Long live the empire unseen.”

“It does not appear on any official star maps or navigational charts known to the Federation or its allies.”

The Sorcerer’s Academy by Denise Little
This 2003 DAW anthology is a ‘Harry Potter’ knockoff that sees 3 annoying teens go to magic school. This was improbable, ridiculous and badly written.
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