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Book Reviews: The Refuge + Rites Of Azathoth + A Betrayal In Blood

The Refuge by Frances Heasman
This 1987 novel is based on the forgotten sitcom by Sue Townsend and Carole Hayman. It ran for 2 series and has been forgotten. This was okay. It is a novelisation of various eps about a woman who turned her flat into a woman’s refuge.

Rites Of Azathoth by Frank Cavallo
A long forgotten serial killer escapes from prison and only an extremely annoying FBI agent can stop him. This leads her into a Lovecraftian world. This starts out well but goes downhill. This was a great disappointment.

Best Lines:
“For one day, many years from now, the heavens will be in perfect order. Then the path across the darkness can be opened.”

“There are many people who could celebrate my ruin.”

“The lost god of a lost civilisation.”

“He commands the obedience of the shadows and all that lurks within them,”

Sherlock Holmes: A Betrayal In Blood by Mark Latham
In this excellent novel; Holmes and Watson look into the slaying of a Transylvanian nobleman by a certain Professor Van Helsing. Holmes does not believe in vampires and bit by bit uncovers the dark truth behind the death of Dracula. This is a nice retelling of ‘Dracula’ that puts a dark twist on all the inconstancies and plot holes. This shows how so-called proprietors of morality devoted inordinate time to a grimly maintained lie.
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