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Revolution 2x13 + Locked Up 2x01 + Doctor Who 10x03 + Versailles 2x02 Reviewed

Happy Endings
Where do they get medication and syringes? Why does nobody ride bikes? Rachel is still caked in bronzer and nude lipstick. Stephen Collins, Stephen Culp and Cotter Smith feature. The White House has been reoccupied by the alleged POTUS (Smith). He has a suit on. How do they have a working iron? How much time has passed since 1x01? Neville is assured of his own genius. Why do people care about Monroe? How do the Patriots have a photo lab?

Neville and Jason hunt Monroe. Neville has no fear of ambition. Rachel’s face doesn’t move. How do the Patriots communicate? How do people travel around so fast? Aaron and his wife Priscilla wander around looking for nanities or something. Jason has placidity and is compliant. Monroe’s brat son annoys. Bret Michaels makes a cameo as himself performing in New Vegas.

There is bad make up, belligerent rhetoric and deliberate evasions. Why are diamonds used as currency? There is needless sex. Monroe and Jason lurk. There is dull surprise acting. Monroe’s back healed quick. This was completely useless. People have a lack of concern.

Best Lines:
“Half wits.

“Very important plans for that town.”

“Not the sofa, that was Regan’s.”

“Where is this homicidal friend of yours?”

“See the mummified remains of Steven Tyler!”

Locked Up 2x01
The Spanish drama returns. Somehow a gang of prisoners broke out. There is chasing and yelling and fighting. Macarena is thicker than ever and Zulema is evil. There is staring, a bad wig and hats. Macarena’s family killed someone? People berate officials, the prisoners cat-call builders and Macarena is now a wanted murderer for her accidental murder.

There are paranoid notions. I’ve only watched 1x01 so I’ve no idea what happened in the rest of season 1. Zulema and co escape abroad somehow and things are not going to plan. Zulema shows a softer side. Things change at the prison and more discipline is instilled. Macarena is dumber than a sack of hair. Prison guard Fabio has opinions. A beer boy is pissed off and more trouble is coming. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Relax bitch.”

“The jungle she has down there.”

“I’m coming, bitch!”

“The best way to instil fear is to give a monkey 2 guns.”

“There are lots of bitches here.”

“I have a clam for you here.”

Thin Ice
What is in the Doctor’s basement? What is his oath? Oh who cares? There is mumbling and the Doctor and his companion visit the last great frost fair. With sad predictability the companion has infantile grievances. There is no lucidity or insight. The Doctor has faux profundity and is alarmingly dismissive and has startling callousness. The mindless wandering and travelling with the Doctor is not exclusively for the good of the companion. This is not an irresistible story. Drama is started. This was not utterly engaging.

Maddening Matt Lucas buttles. One feels ill-disposed. People quip at awesome and or terrifying situations. The Doctor is blisteringly caustic.

Best Lines:
“Smug belongs to me.”

“Tea clothes.”

“The luxury of outrage.”

A Still Small Voice
Philippe meets his second wife, she is nice. There is sex and religion. Louis has stinging narcissism. This was all empty sexiness and nonsensical tantrums. The Queen complains of her misuse. This had no restraint or reserve. Life at court isn’t endless good fun. Philippe’s lover is full of derision. The court is full of and self-righteous judgement and self-involved people.

Louis has haughtiness. Fabian takes grim pleasure in hunting for prisoners. Philippe is susceptible to his horrible lover. The king’s whore is an unscrupulous seductress and is outright hostile. Nobody is over blessed with insight. Louis dislikes the church telling him what to do. Philippe ignores his children. Nobody asks what’s reasonable in this situation.

Best Lines:
“I do not know him, yet.”

“Fell foul of her.”

“Clocks that work.”

“All he would see, will belong to me.”

“Grow his seed.”

“I am still in his favour but one day that will change.”
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