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Book Reviews: Quicksand + Nightmare Logic

Quicksand by Malin Persson Giolito
This translated Swedish crime novel sees an 18 year old girl go on trial. She accused of manipulating her unstable boyfriend into carrying out a deadly school shooting. What emerges over the trial is the dark story of a girl and her rich, troubled mentally ill junkie boyfriend. This is a very good tale of abuse, rage, violence and apathetic parents. This is a tale of the momentous consequences of love and how people assign their own motivations to others.

Best Lines:
“Voices that didn’t even make an effort to sound sympathetic.”

“Supermarket jeans.”

“He went crazy all by himself.”

“She was nice to everyone, even Sebastian, long after everyone else had stopped bothering.”

“Demanded my company all the time.”

“All the parents who didn’t bother to forbid their kids from hanging out with him,”

“They questioned everyone who didn’t die the next day.”

“I have the right to a future.”

“We were alone, because no one wanted to be with us.”

Nightmare Logic by Matthew Hall
This 1989 novel about a female serial killer who kills people with scorpions is bizarre and not very good.
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