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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Phoenix Forgotten’ trailer
They’ve been lying to you. This is a found footage movie about UFOs. In 1998, something happened and this looks good. Ridley Scott produced this?

Best Lines:
“I’m zooming mom!”

“I hope it was our airforce.”

“The cops don’t walk around in the middle of the night with telescopes.”

‘Passion Fish’ (1992) trailer

Best Lines:
“Did they tell you I was a bitch?”
“On wheels.”

‘The Void’ proof of concept trailer

‘Loaded’ promo

‘Outcast’ season 2 promo

‘The Case For Christ’ promo

‘Gifted’ promo
Chris Evans broods over his gifted niece. No.

‘The Fate of the Furious’ promo
“Why you choose to be here.”

‘Good Will Hunting’ (1997) promo

‘Agents of SHIELD’ 4x20 promo
Fitz tries to be evil, this makes no sense.

Applewood smoked flavour cheddar - yum.
Organic feta - yum.

They’re doing an ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ movie?

No ‘Star Trek 4’?!?

Saw 4 ‘House of Cards’ season 5 photos, no.

It is 15 years since the Euro came in.

A gourmet burger place I liked has closed, it had gluten free buns. Also a chicken restaurant I ate in once has closed.

Recall the ‘Doctor Who’ eps ‘The Happiness Patrol’, ‘Remembrance of the Daleks’ and ‘Dragonfire’?

‘The Simpsons’ Quote:
“Big ape father.”

‘Marvel’s Avengers Assemble’ Quotes:
“All I have are shorts.”

“Why do evil scientists always live on beautiful tropical islands?”

“There are sides?”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Have 60 harvests left in our soil.”

“Over the years Berlin has seen many horrors: hyperinflation, Hitler, David Hasselhoff dancing on the Berlin wall in an illuminated jacket.”

“They asked for favour which might be graciously granted or dismissively refused.”

“Unexamined assumptions.”

“Myth of charity.”

“His reputation instils fear.”

“Knife fights were so common.”

“To make their contribution to the culture of our country.”

“Generational intelligence.”

‘The Globe and Mail’ Quotes:
“Preordained to fail,”

“Intuitive sense of the mood.”

“Felt ignored enough to vote for Trump.”

“Could provide no good answers.”

“Stunning inability to explain herself.”

‘The Hills’ Quotes:
“You need to stop having enemies.”

“You’re so homeless and so lame.”

‘RTE News’ Quotes:
“Continued misinformation.”

“Pledged to sink it when it does.”

‘The Goldbergs’ Quote:
“Leaving me out!”

‘The Observer’ Quotes:
“She believed her campaign had failed her - not the other way around -”

“The dreams of her presidency lay shattered at Donald Trump’s feet.”

“Blaming everything but herself for her loss.”

‘Rolling Stone’ Quotes:
“Hillary had been running for presidency for almost a decade and still didn’t really have a rationale.”

“Because it’s her turn.”

“Loyalty scores.”

‘Time’ Quotes:
“Didn’t have a vision to articulate. And no one else could give one to her.”

“She would have been cast aside publicly and brutally long before.”

Sky News’ Quotes:
“Bully me into taking a plea bargain.”

‘The Void: Behind The Scenes’ Quotes:
“Look book.”

“Shot list.”

“We don’t even use tape anymore.”

‘Animal House’ Quote:
“Nobody here really likes ferrets.”

‘cf-abby-tribute’ Quote:
“All against him and our marriage.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Nancy doesn’t even seem to have noticed or cared that Amy’s funeral is taking place. She also wears an obvious wig. Harry’s failing out of his uni and throwing his life away on disgusting smackhead Ste. Maxine has emotional disconnection from Adam’s brat who was allegedly 9 weeks premature. The kid so obviously isn’t Adam’s. Darcy is a bitch. Tony has scant respect for Ste. As for Ste, he has pained expressions and is personally affronted at having to go to jail for murdering Amy.

Ryan faces a fight for the kids. Harry has glassy eyed vigour for Ste and finds dead Amy unworthy of concern. This is all overt absurdity. Ste has sullen avoidance of introspection, accountability or responsibility. This was not true or earnest. Ste has a steadfast refusal to accept personal blame. Ste is blighted by failure and lives a strife-ridden, morally problematic life and has whiner’s disease.

Ste has no veneer of amiability but has awe-inspiring power to play the victim and an iron-clad ego. He makes pained expressions while violating social norms. Why is he socially desirable? Nancy dresses like a failed Lady Gaga drag act. Kyle gets Nancy into pot. Warren and Joel are weirdly melodramatic. Cleo does hectoring. Warren has had an unscrupulous malevolent purpose for years so why is he crying over Bart? Harry has ‘tragic adoration’ for Ste. Harry wrecks things. Joel leaves. Ste and Harry wreck the trial.

Best Lines:
“There’s nothing that can save me.”

“Stop with the wounded animal routine.”
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