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Revolution 2x11 + The Blacklist: Redemption 1x05 Reviewed

Mis Dos Padres
Charlie aka Bratniss lectures her grandfather. Monroe has a son. HOW many kids does he have?!? Miles and Monroe are contentious. Neville and his big haired wife exchange barbs. This is not admirable for what it was trying to do. There is a swimming pool. The inherent darkness of the premise isn’t done ultra-seriously. Rachel has haughty avoidance and dismissive sentiments - she’s trying for the emotionally unavailable, cold and hardboiled trope. She just looks constipated, condescending, dismissive and nasty.

This was uninspiring. Why is Monroe so acquiescent to everyone beating on him? This was bonkers. Monroe wants to mean something to someone. What happened to the flashbacks? This performs terribly and is all incoherence married with incompetence. This ep had no positive attributes. Monroe’s son is a tool. Jason learns there are other people undergoing what he did. There is a typhus outbreak. How? Everyone seems so clean.

Best Lines:
“Smack a little respect into you.”

“This poker face is my face.”

Borealis 301
Tom is undercover as a flight attendant and gets to wield a shotgun. He looks good. Howard rants like a loon and Tom has pretty much had it with him until Scottie’s goon hauls him off. Secret plane cargos are stolen to facilitate illegal activity. There is moral outrage and not a reasonable chance of sense. This ep fails miserably. Tom is perfectly capable and deserves a better show. Tom takes on an evil A Team. Nobody cares.

Best Lines:
“How do I do that?”

“Seizing assets in war zones.”

“Wolf meat by morning.”
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