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Book Review: Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea by CJ Skuse
Described (accurately) as ‘American Psycho’ meets ‘Fleabag’, this is an excellent tale of Rhiannon. She has a loser boyfriend, a yappy dog, a go-nowhere job, horrible uncaring co-workers and friends she doesn’t really like. She finds that some people, like her long estranged sister, have negative preconceptions about her and she wants to effectuate a change in her life. All well and good yes? Also she has an unwavering desire to kill people and draws up kill lists of people she detests. This is a hilarious and chilling insight into the mind of a deeply messed up woman. This is ruminative with a note of sadness and is fascinatingly readable.

Best Lines:
“I don’t get asked to these things, it’s just assumed I’ll turn up.”

“Where Good Taste and Refined Dining Crawled Away to Die in Pain.”

“The guy who sits in the doorway of Argos shouting abuse and throwing cider cans at pigeons.”

“I am once again the Thoughtful Friend.”

“He won’t let her watch Hollyoaks or have a washing machine either.”

“The more promiscuous moron.”

“She’ll be hard pressed to find any friends around here.”
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