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Gotham 3x03 + Shades Of Blue 2x06 Reviewed

Look Into My Eyes
There is bad acting as Mad Hatter shows up. There are no deep emotions or suspense. This was an okay hoary old yarn. Bruce and his clone bore. Why is there a Bruce clone? What is the Court Of Owls? I had a skim of the comic storyline ‘Robin War' with the stupid Court Of Owls masks. That made it no clearer. Penguin runs for Mayor. The socially dysfunctional clone has no danger or mystique. Mad Hatter goes on about his sister Alice.

Dog-rough Alfred is tense and unhappy. Right flash bastard Penguin takes a non-principled stance. This is the 1st ep of season 3 done with any degree of competency. Season 2 got increasingly formulaic to the point I didn’t watch the final ep of it. Where is Mr Freeze? Cat-teen has no thought or care, she just sneers from a distance. Gordon is disaffected. Could one view ‘Birds of Prey’ as a sequel to this show?

Bruce has an unsparing insistence on being grossly irresponsible and has a sense of absolute entitlement. He has muted distain for cat-teen. Fraught and fractious people like confrontation. Gordon engenders bad reactions. There is a moral defeat and no sheer brilliance. Gordon encounters Mario, Lee’s fiancé, with solemn impassivity. The former Mayor has clear distain for Penguin. Alice’s blood has desperately negative consequences for those it touches. WHY? This was not riveting but it was watchable.

Bruce has chosen to define his personality with boringness. Riddler gets out of Arkham in horribly absurd fashion. Barbara and her stench trench has no sleazy virtues just unfiltered rage. Mad Hatter is reviled by his sister. Mario is the son of Falcone. He has no graceful approach. Mmm.

Best Lines:
“I lost my job.”
“Then get another.”

“It’s not like you to care.”

“For how long?”
“Too long.”

“Yesterday’s sad joke.”

“Unstable lunatic.”

“Makes men fall in love when they shouldn’t.”

There is no sense of danger. Why don’t Harlee and Woz just give Stahl’s name to the mob and get rid of him? Stahl blathers and sleazes. There is a parole hearing and great consternation. This ep was all laxism. Woz and Harlee are wildly unpopular. A Woz ass-chewing goes wrong. Nobody thinks about the advisability of their acts. Harlee and co continue to bring disgrace upon themselves. Harlee’s dumb, Christina is a hose-beast and this bored.

Best Lines:
“That’s a tomorrow problem.”

“Banging some hot skank from work.”

“Framed the actual murderer.”

“Dressed up hookers.”
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