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Book Reviews: Chosen + The Eyes Of The Beholders + Relics + Untamed

Chosen by P.C. and Kristin Cast
Heinous bitch Zoey returns in Book 3 of the ‘House of Night’ saga. I cannot believe this saga got 12 books while the far superior ‘Vamps’ only got 3. Zoey is hateful to her friends and her mother, ignores her siblings and takes evident glee in calling other girls sluts and hos. She has apparent unconcern about maybe murdering 2 people and street people being menaced.

She and her gang bully another student, utter dumb slang and make dated pop culture references. This does not form a cohesive whole. Zoey has a continuous refusal to operate in an ethical environment. This was badly written and the Casts have to be trolling their readers with this racist, sexist, anti-Christian, misogynistic crap. Surely someone wouldn’t write something this bad on purpose? Zoey screws a teacher which is shrugged off. This was ludicrous and wholly and entirely without merit.

Best Lines:
“She’s a lying slut.”

“There’s no such thing as privacy at this school.”

“Let me make love to you, baby.”

“I’ll make sure that little gang of friends deserts her.”

“A shiny present here, a pretty complement there, and you have true love and a popped cherry.”

“Ride him like a horse,”

Star Trek The Next Generation 13: The Eyes Of The Beholders by A.C. Crispin
This 1990 novel is turgidly boring. Crispin obviously dislikes the TNG cast as most of the time is spent on an original character, flashbacks and Data and Geordi being boring. An alien ship has such an effect on people they are unable to respond coherently and can not operate in an effective manner. The depiction of Andorians does not match with their depiction in later books. This was terrible.

Best Line:
“Would never know what they had unwittingly unleashed on the cosmos,”

Relics by Tim Lebbon
Book 1 of an urban fantasy trilogy sees a woman uncover the dark ugly world that lurks beneath London. This was terrible.

Best Lines:
“Subcultural theory.”

“Those diners still present and what they had been prepared to dine upon.”

Untamed by P.C. and Kristin Cast
In this profoundly wrong novel, the malevolent, belligerent and discourteous Zoey is back. It is Book 4 of the ‘House Of Night’ saga and Zoey is beamingly insincere and has a shameful lack of self-knowledge. She also does not like to be told what to do as it doesn’t sit well with her. There are vampires, gods, legends and abominable people in this horrid novel which is full of bad slang and even more dated pop culture references.

Best Lines:
“Everyone seemed to be reacting to me with their usual mix of respect and awe,”

“This is a no-ho zone.”
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