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Book Review: The Pandora Principle

Star Trek The Original Series 34: The Pandora Principle by Carolyn Clowes
This very good novel expands on the back-story of the complex and enigmatic Saavik. She exists because of the ill-considered deeds of others. Now when the Romulans launch an attack, Saavik has to foil their dark deeds with her own vengeful malice on the planet where her life began. One enjoys this as long as one doesn’t wonder about the logic.

This 1990 novel has message tapes and music tapes and ‘The Stand’ is ripped off. Robin Curtis as Saavik is on the cover, she will never be Saavik. This has a semi-sequel in the 2010 ‘Unspoken Truth’. The fact that Spock and Saavik later married is deeply creepy. This book has no K/S, little McCoy and annoying original characters Harper and Oba are annoying morons. This takes place before ‘The Wrath Of Khan’ and there seems to be no concept of security.

Best Lines:
“Amazed there could have been so many breakable objects in one room.”

“We’re off on some diplomatic errand - but I don’t see any diplomats.”

“It looked like Conklin tried to claw his way out the window. Poor Conklin. That window wouldn’t open anyway.”

“Cold and empty night.”

“Doors could be broken down.”
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