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Book Review: Betrayed

Betrayed by P.C. and Kristin Cast
The lead character, Zoey, is horrible and she has an obsession with brown pop. She also has a thirst for sensationalism and inane babbling. This is Book 2 of the ‘House Of Night’ saga. Zoey hates her mommy and step dad but luckily she is at vampire school and will never have to see them again. The vampires have no terrifying passion and fury just the frivolity of the fake. This starts out well but Zoey is AWFUL.

She treats her mother as being of no account, dick hops, treats everything as a life stressor and makes a bad decision every day. She has no resilience just an increasing unwillingness to be nice. She slut shames and mocks people she doesn’t like, has unspoken desire for 3 guys and has friends she doesn’t deserve. This is readable yet things make no sense. Why does Zoey have so many super special powers? Why are vampires known to exist? Why are vampire teachers so inappropriate? How does this world work? Why do vampires have such stupid names?

This does not come to a dramatic crescendo. It all ends in a morass of wilful deception, ass pull plotting and stupidity. Zoey is not a charismatic enigma. This book has total disregard for an informed narrative. Zoey takes everything as a personal affront and just needs a kicking.

Best Lines:
“His dad shook his hand with exuberant masculinity.”

“Apparently, in Europe wine with meals is like tea or coke with meals here -”

“She makes you think she’s good, but she’s not.”

“He’s probably fallen into a gutter somewhere. Isn’t that where drunks usually end up?”
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