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Shades Of Blue 2x05 Reviewed

Sweet Caroline
Season 2 has been completely inconsequential up to now. Harlee’s team are overly committed to being corrupt and do nothing to help themselves. Charisma vortex Julia yaps. The IA cop’s narrative arc goes nowhere. Money from the armoured car robbery shows up. Woz has seductive menace, moral hysteria and self-enclosed detachment from any values or concerns. Christina is thick. Stahl has sheer unreasoning vindictiveness and he is brutally insensitive. The DA’s ex-fiancée is murdered and the mob frame Harlee.

Stahl has bugged Harlee’s apartment. He has haterism. The DA broods. Tess does remorseless fatal insinuating. Crew members are brooding prats. The mob boss attracts special ire. Linda shows up but not for long. Tess berates. Woz does a crazed rant. Christina is hyperbolically stupid. Stahl isn’t even superficially golden and charming. The DA’s emotions aren’t so easily calculable. He ditches Harlee. Woz and Julia get it on. Is there anyone he hasn’t shagged? Donnie’s shadow lingers. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Back-alley shots.”

“Junkies don’t know how to lay low.”

“This is a tranquil space.”

“We traded threats over cucumber water.”

“Don’t open that.”

“Things get interesting fast.”

“What kind of name is Donnie Pomp?”

“It doesn’t look promising.”
“So, look harder.”
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