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Manson’s Lost Girls (2016)
This bio-pic of the Manson family has exposition, drug use, 60s music, mumbling, dirty street girls, violence, shirtless men and Charlie Manson angry that he’s not a star. Charlie Manson believes he is special, Linda Kasabian falls prey to his hypnotic charms and this fails to give a sense of time and is forgettable and lacklustre. Celebrity offspring star and the self crowned pleasure prince Manson is crazy. This was positively stupid.

Manson is plain mad and full tilt self righteous. There is social outrage and Manson does a daily reminder of his deficiencies. Yet his cult follow the leader. He thinks the moon landing is fake and it is never shown why people fall for his BS. There is lots of singing and the family have to rectify things when they offend Manson, which is often. Children are ignored and neglected.

Everyone has a lack of self-esteem. There are sordid compromises in Manson’s deeply corrupt world. There is unsubtle machismo and yelling. There is unsubtle foreshadowing and sex. The family are all heartless monsters apart from Linda. This was absolutely unnecessary and full of dull surprise acting.

The family of sadistic sociopaths have unexplained passion and zeal for Manson. This needed to be a lot more nefarious and malicious. Manson is contemptuous and dismissive of his tragic and foolish followers. Nobody has moral and principled intentions. There is no emotional intensity or barbarity. This was hugely derivative and has an unneeded voiceover. This was not emotionally fraught and I viewed this unfavourably. This does not resonate and has no complexity and is hackneyed.

There are no consequential decisions. There is a sense of hollowness and vapidity. This was tiresome. Charlie Manson is not authoritative, he just sows discord. This was a low stakes thriller that was not potent. Everyone is majorly unlikeable. This was not even mildly suspenseful. It was slow and muddled as the family engage in reckless personal behaviour. This was all so miserable and everyone hates each other.

There is increasingly brutal and degrading behaviour by the intensely unpleasant Manson who has callous cruelty. This was not affecting, even the Tate murders are badly done. This was essentially plotless and meandering. This feels perfunctory. Manson lingers ominously and there are dark consequences. Maybe I should have watched ‘Wolves At The Door' instead.

Manson shows distain and is disconcerting and is an all knowing arrogant unpleasant grumpy indignant tool. He causes distress and trauma and is indifferent to the suffering of others and is usually the cause of it. He is a grave threat to the stability of society. This leaves one disinterested and confused. Manson has no meaningful relationship with his followers and just causes a discomforting procession of misery. Why did people follow him? Why were they so unfailingly positive about him? Why did they kill for him? This movie does not explain why.

Best Lines:
“Just not interested.”

“I believe Charlie!”

“We’re low on food.”

“You can keep the money and Linda!”

“That night, everything changed.”

“I’d never seen so many guns.”

“Life doesn’t exist!”

“Are you questioning Charlie?”

“That was Sharon Tate? The actress?”

The Phantom (1996)
Billy Zane stars in this silly movie that isn’t as good as the ‘Phantom 2040’ cartoon. Catherine Zeta Jones slinks. There is bad VFX, it is the 1930s and Treat Williams overacts as the baddie. Things turn combative as Kit Walker runs around NY. There are indecent purposes and the love interest Diana (Kristy Swanson) is vapid. One wonders if any Phantom has had a daughter.

Best Lines:
“He won’t die.”

“I’d throw me out too if I didn’t know better.”

“Some jungle folk hero.”

“An oath of vengeance.”

“I’m not immortal.”

“One day your own son will take your place.”

“Ghost Who Walks.”

“20 Phantoms came before me.”

Spring Breakers (2012)
Four spring breakers swap mom shorts for bikinis and crime as a G (James Franco) and his man jewellery gurns. This was terrible.

Best Lines:
“I like doing the wrong thing.”

“I got my dark tanning oil.”

Dead Ringer (1964)
Bette David, Karl Malden and Peter Lawford star. Twins Maggie and Edith (Davis) have resentment. Maggie stole Edith’s love and married him, now she is widowed and has disregard for him. Edith the shabby old twin has a weaponised smile. Edith has a desire for favourable attention. Maggie faked a pregnancy and lied 20 years ago. Edith’s pathological impatience ruins her. Troublesome individuals are toxic. Edith’s love can’t have been such a great guy if he choose Maggie and stayed with her for 20 years.

Edith is maniacal. She ignores her devoted ‘friend’ Jim (Malden). Edith’s life goes down the toilet due to Maggie provoking conflict. There are unanswered questions and death and the accepted public narrative is that Edith is Maggie. People dislike any form of emotion. I think ‘Ringer’ ripped this off. Edith learns that she should have waited. An oily golf bum lover slimes around. There is drama, dumbness and twists and a very fast trial

Best Lines:
“He wanted the stuff for his lawn. On the 17th floor?”

“Loving the wrong man.”

“Whiskey and milk.”

“The child that made it necessary for Frank to marry you.”

“A sack full of arsenic in you closet.”

“A thoroughly objectionable person.”

“He drank wine because he couldn’t afford whiskey anymore.”


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