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Legends Of Tomorrow 2x17 + Gotham 3x02 Reviewed

There are volatile exchanges and precious witterings about the catastrophic impact of the aggrieved Mick’s actions. This is of inconsistent quality as the gang do various convoluted attempts to fix time. Nobody is confounded and discombobulated by the deaths. This is not creatively daring. Ray is a moron. Katie Cassidy, John Barrowman and Wentworth Miller show up and are wasted. The LOD ceases to be.

Why is anyone listening to Rip? Snart strolls around 1916 as do Malcolm, Thawne and Damien. They search for purpose. Rip leaves again. Things catastrophically deteriorate. Nate is sexually inept. The LOT cause exasperation. Stein is a tool. One feels drained rather than energised in their company. Why won’t Sara resurrect Laurel? WW1 looks amazingly like a field in Canada. This was not as good as 2x16. Merlyn has a big bow. There is fighting and no conventional morality.

Damien wears a flat cap and Snart is sulky. There is overacting and Mick has gay panic. This is confusing and non-stirring music plays. Thawne bores and Sara emotes to diminishing effect. This is the least bad experience in the LOT’s lives. Thawne dies and is erased from time, again. Maybe it’ll stick this time. This was mediocre and the LOD face exile and removal. Also the LOT broke time.

Best Lines:
“We’re the aberrations.”

“Events are already in motion.”

“A relic from the crusades.”

“You hug me I’ll kill you.”

“I’ll make a hell for you.”

“Brit twit.”

“Ejected out of the temporal zone.”

“Shoes without socks.”

Burn The Witch
Barbara and Valerie overact. Stern-faced Bruce is drab and desperate. This was tedious and inept and stupid and empty. Fish lives to annoy another day. Bruce has staggering entitlement, biliousness and selfishness. Barbara wants to sex Gordon. Alfred is completely servile to Bruce. Ivy is older and sexed up. Dignity is wounded. Things are beyond people’s dignity and ability. Valerie misrepresents and is not proper and reasonable. She has infuriating ways and ends up kissing Gordon.

This is not more challenging work. Innocent people are not safe. Fish is vacuously unintentionally hilarious. Bullock is doleful. Things are not entirely probable. Penguin is impolite. There is no sadness and depth. This was rather a bore. Society’s enemies gather. Alfred is overwrought. Gordon has moral obstinacy and solemnity. One has wholly ceased to care about the inescapability of Bruce’s past. This was faintly ludicrous. Ivy is remorseless. Bruce sneers. Strange and Lee resurface to bore. Penguin leads a mob. Yawn.

Best Lines:
“There will be bloodshed!”
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