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Book Reviews: Waking Gods + The Hound Of Death + Cards On The Table

Waking Gods by Sylvain Neuvel
After the sensational ‘Sleeping Giants’, this sequel is appalling. It is soap opera with deaths, babies, twists and carnage candy. It was also unforgivably boring. I’m done.

Best Lines:
“Hidden, as in not to be found.”

“Twenty years from now, people can feel clever quoting you around the dinner table.”

The Hound Of Death by Agatha Christie
This is a 1985 printing of a collection of ‘spine-tingling’ tales.

The Hound Of Death
This is about a nun, a doctor whose villain arc is established and moral retribution. This is a slight tale that fails to unleash foreboding.

Best Line:
“I suggested that he should cease making cryptic remarks.”

The Red Signal
A ludicrous tale of a medium and a loony killer.

The Fourth Man
A tale of life after death or something. No.

Best Line:
“Nothing whatever the matter with them except an inability to live happily with the inmates of the same house.”

The Gipsy
An utterly ridiculous incoherent tale.

The Lamp
An unnerving tale of a ghostly child. Okay.

A tale of an old woman, a relative and a will. Good.

Best Line:
“Belief was withheld.”

The Witness For The Prosecution
Inspired the movie and BBC drama. It’s not that good.

Best Lines:
That painted foreign hussy.”

“Evil-smelling slum.”

The Blue Jar

The Strange Case Of Sir Arthur Carmichael

The Call Of Wings
Implicitly terrible.

The Last Séance


Cards On The Table by Agatha Christie
Who killed Mr Shaitana at one of his famous parties? Poirot investigates and there is racism, classism and an ass-pull ending. This was profoundly unsatisfactory.

Best Lines:
“Those dreadful policewomen in funny hats who bother people in parks.”

“Wasn’t a nice friend for you to have,”

“Because he was the sort of Dago who needed kicking badly.”
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