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Life And Loves Of A She-Devil 1x01+Homeland6x12+The Blacklist: Redemption1x03+SVU 18x10 Reviewed

The Life And Loves Of A She-Devil (1986) 1x01
Based on Fay Weldon’s ‘classic’ novel this BBC drama has creepy opening credits and nobody in real life is like these characters. Mary Fisher (Patricia Hodge) is a romance novelist who is stealing Bobbo (Dennis Waterman) from his ungainly wife (Julie T. Wallace; who was last seen appearing in an ep of ‘The Comic Strip Presents...'). This is ep 1 of 4. Bobbo hates and bullies his unwanted and unloved wife, he ignores their children and has a frightful moustache.

Mary Fisher lives in a lighthouse and siren like, lures Bobbo. Mary Fisher and Bobbo have an affair, no matter how damaging the consequences. Ruth ignores her children and is fugly. The image is fuzzy. Bobbo has hubris, ego, raw selfishness and withering distain for Ruth. She is not easy to live with but Bobbo is more in the wrong by some distance. Why does she love him so? Mary Fisher is a feckless whore. This was okay but has no intellectual heft.

Ill-intentioned Mary Fisher has a houseboy. She goes girly drama queen to alienate Bobbo from his wife and children. Ruth’s reaction is not that unreasonable under the circumstances. The harsh intricacies of marriage are not shown. There is Girl Hate and Bobbo’s negative contribution to things. Bobbo is a thick headed moron and treats Ruth with a constant veiled threat of violence. Bobbo has a lack of willingness to love Ruth and is disruptive and belligerent. Ruth has ambient desperation and Bobbo is condemnatory. The unbearably annoying Ruth wants revenge and there is clumsy melodrama as Ruth gets assertive.

Best Lines:
“I hate Mary Fisher.”

“Sexual suicide.”

“I am a good wife.”

“Earn my husband’s love.”

“Mustn’t begrudge me this experience with Mary.”

“Don’t deserve to be left.”

“Terribly jolly.”

“Cupid is wilful.”

“Acted out of pity when you married Ruth.”

“I must play the good wife.”

“Ignore his way of praising prettier women.”

America First
Why does everyone hate the President-Elect? I haven’t watched this show since Brody was alive and pouting and twitching. Carrie has a daughter who has been taken away from her. There is staring and swearing. Who is Quinn? The President-Elect is played by Elizabeth Marvel of ‘House of Cards’. Hill Harper, Jake Weber, F. Murray Abraham, Linus Roache and Robert Knepper of ‘Prison Break’ star. A senator is in his underwear in a restaurant freezer and is menaced.

This was unsustainable and had no moral baggage. Various people plan to kill the President-Elect for unclear reasons. There is an enclosed situation and misuse of power. Fear is cultivated and there is an indication of danger. All of this is rendered meaningless because nobody says why the President-Elect is viewed as such a hated threat. No-one has the highest moral purpose. Why do crowds protest the President-Elect?

The plot is over-wrought. No-one has fear of consequences. It is all unclear what the President-Elect has done. There is physical jeopardy and death and bug eyes. Nobody conducts themselves with control and dignity. A talk radio hose (Weber of ‘American Gothic’, ‘Dawn of the Dead’, ‘Medium’ and ‘The Following’) has a bizarre accent and rants. There was a conspiracy to kill the President-Elect so when she is POTUS, her reaction is right. People are arrested and jailed. Carrie and Saul view this as bad.

This was a confused misfire. The conspiracy is not without consequences. Carrie is offered a White House job. There is a suggestion of fear. There are nefarious activities and no collective good. There is a disturbing willingness to ignore moral certainties. There are false moments and Carrie ignores her child who is in care. Carrie gets hysterical.

Best Lines:
“I’m not denying it was discussed.”

“Openly refuse to comply.”

“Same meeting.”

Independence U.S.A
Ryan Eggold looks good. Terry O’Quinn shows up to annoy and sneaky stuff goes on in Russia. There is botox and Tom’s concerns escalate. The plot rips off ‘Alias’, ‘The Americans’ and ‘Salt’. Scottie has smouldering contempt. Tom has disappointed ideals. There is smugness and Howard may not be reputable. Tom works within certain confines, there is death and drugging and unfulfilled ambitions. Is the real Scottie dead and is the current Scottie actually a deep cover Russian sleeper agent? I’m sure she is.

Best Lines:
“They never came out. Ever.”

“5 o’clock whiskey stink.”

“She is coming for me.”

Motherly Love
A sex crime/murder case doesn’t run the emotional gamut. This was offensive and stupid which is no small feat. There is bad acting and no low to which an evil mother won’t sink. There are reported lies and the alleged victim has an evil inherent nature. This was ineradicably bad. There is a brainwashed son, Barba glares and there is sap. This was BAD.

Best Lines:
“Cannot lie her way out of.”

“Underlying hostility.”

“He is the enemy.”

“There are other plausible explanations.”
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