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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ teaser trailer
Thor is in peril, his hammer is smushed, there is weirdness and Loki. These is fighting, Hulk and this looks DUMB.

Best Lines:
“Asgard is dead.”

“A friend from work.”

Jamestown’ promo

‘Shopkins’ ad

‘Rufus 2’ promo

Hunter Street’ promo

‘Kevin Can Wait’ promo

‘Australia’ (2008) promo

‘Ordinary Lies’ promo

‘The Insider’ (1999) promo

‘Police Academy 6: City Under Siege’ (1989) promo

‘The Big Lebowski’ (1998) promo

‘Rocky V’ (1990) promo

Herbes de Provence - yum.
Feta cheese - yum.
Caramel crunch milk chocolate with a hint of sea salt - ugh.
Garlic sauce - okay.
Apple drops - nice.

Fixed LJ errors.

I want the Artemis and Apollo earrings.

What is a tree saw?

Houseguest turned on heat, split red wine all over tablecloth and left a bag of underwear in the hall. He spilled pills, won’t recycle and shut doors and left other doors open. His behaviour needs consequating. He can’t act co-operatively. He left a pile of mess and had herbs in his suitcase for who knows how long. But he’s GONE. Gone AT LAST! FREE AT LAST!

Recall Ian McShane’s mullet on ‘Lovejoy’?

Recall the 2000 west end musical ‘Witches of Eastwick’?

Anyone see the 1985 ‘Clockwise’?

Recall the Marvel 1988-89 ‘Inferno’ crossover?

Anyone see the 1996 TV movie ‘Abducted’ with Chris Noth?

The Wedding Singer’ (1998) was okay as was ‘Ace Ventura: Pet Detective’ (1994). ‘Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls’ (1995) was BAD.

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Ultimately letdown.”

“You’re kind of like their property?”

“Extremely shameful.”

“I want that to bother you.”

“You can’t be that dumb.”

“Old crusty person.”

“Faking cancer.”

“Passed out at her pageant.”

“What won’t you do?”

“You live in a small house.”

“Sitting in prison and everyone knew it.”

“Having sex with those people.”

“Loves drama and attention.”

“Everything is melodramatic with her.”

“God is sending these sugar daddies to you?”

“This is what you decide to do?”

“Hear these things.”

“Spent the night cleaning up her vomit.”

“Passed out in the booth.”

“Performing sex on some guy for a deposit in your paypal account.”

“Needs wife lessons.”

“You cannot be that selfish.”

“Anger can be gotten over.”

“Everything you do is dramatic.”

“Can’t have friends.”

“You don’t think like I think you should.”

“She has to do her share.”

“Take inventory of your house,”

“Get over your feelings.”

“Took that moment away from her.”

“She doesn’t do her share.”

“I completely resent it.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Absolute mayhem ensured.”

“Dwindling under political and artistic opposition.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Yelling for the sake of hearing their own voices.”

“What they choose to fear.”

“Considering an inhabited place uninhabited.”

“Alternately ridiculed and revered throughout her lifetime.”

“Expounded - at great and repetitive length.”

“I think that’s how adult women communicate.”

‘Mean Girls’ Quote:
“Make love to your woman on the bathroom floor.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“Failed introduction to unscrewing.”

“My courtroom jacket.”

“Sincere hearts.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Social commentator.”

Channel 4 News’ Quotes:
“Complete lack of an apology.”

‘Black-ish’ Quotes:
“Choke me in my sleep.”

“Pants that don’t keep any secrets.”

“Lifetime of disappointment and bad credit.”

‘NYDailyNews’ Quotes:
“I couldn’t handle the resentment.”

“I did it for money. To put a roof over my head and food in my stomach. And diapers on my daughter.”

‘Great American Railroad Journeys’ Quotes:
“Never quite accepted as one of them”

On ‘Neighbours’: Terese is fat. Piper is still whiney. Why is Finn in Terese’s house? This was all mediocrities. Elly and her veneers bores. Finn really tries to look like Tom Keen. Toadie bothers Sonya. Steph is useless. Sonya cracks up. Toadie is not bitterly resentful. People are stupid and make stupid decisions. Susan sticks her nose in. Mushroom tea caused drama. Why is Steph leaving alcohol in an addict’s house? Xanthe can’t hang out with Piper. Finn creeps. Sonya drinks. Finn (Rob Mills) is obviously a creep and a perv. Paige, with incomprehensible spitefulness, has Tyler and Piper move in with her. She ruined Terese’s marriage and is now ruining her family. Toadie is gross. Xanthe’s mummy shows up. Someday Paige will poke the snake with the stick too many times.

Best Line:
“Train Clem to be a sniffer cat.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Liam has left, Bart’s back and Cleo is awful. Why aren’t the police looking for Liam? Scott treats his mother badly and obsesses over his REAL mother. Esther is rude to James. Wayne owns The Loft now. Warren and James plot. The McQueens wanted to have a christening in a nightclub?!? Where is Curtis? Bart is trouble. Trevor is mentioned. Grace and Esther break up.

The opening credits change. Liam is out, Darcy is in and there are more changes. Does Joel never work? Will James and Warren hook up? Cleo is relentlessly charmless. Sienna’s back. Scott bores. Nobody takes the mature compassionate approach. Warren menaces Bart. Sienna and Warren are having twins. Bart and Esther meet and the whole saga of bullying, near-suicide, coma, liver transplant, Sinead, Ruby, expulsion and flying bottles of piss aren’t mentioned. Not damn compelling.

Best Lines:
“Smack rat.”

“Just how dodgy you are.”

“Dodging flying furniture.”

“Vulgar display of caveman masculinity.”

“You should have kept running when you had the chance.”
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