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Gotham 3x01 + Shades Of Blue 2x04 Reviewed

Better To Reign In Hell
Valerie Vale and Fish prance. Gordon is a bounty hunter and the show still hasn’t found the art of coherent story telling. There are plausibility concerns and an overdone sense of portent. Fox works for the GCPD now?!? Indian Hills escapees run around. The wildly shifty Penguin has impudence. There is bad acting. Tabitha and Barbara run a club, the lower element Butch bumbles, Gordon and his Lutheran self-denial assumes a secondary role in his own life.

Cat-teen and Poison Ivy walk and talk. Bruce and Alfred have no steely resolve or core of truth. This was all dysfunctional mediocrity and there are no emotional anchors. This show is in a lamentable state. Riddler bores to ongoing effect. No wonder this show is wildly derided. Fish walks around dressed like a cenobite. She annoys. Nothing is cogent. Bruce rants to the morally corrupt Wayne board about the values they don’t fulfil anymore, they should tell him to go watch cartoons. Why is anyone listening to Bruce and Alfred’s ranting? There are traumatic incidents and people feel like getting messed up.

Best Lines:
“Fascistic meat-head culture.”

“I take issue with the word threat.”

Daddy’s Girl
People never relent on exposing others to drugs, chaos, domestic issues and mayhem. Teens do drugs and OD. Stahl is crazy. Woz rages. Christina is stupid. Woz won't listen. Julia is tied to the mob. Tess and Harlee have issues. This bored.

Best Lines:
Buckets of stupid.”

“Your roof, your responsibility.”

“Is there even a dead partner?”

“Twisted vengeance quest.”

"Took a bat to his head."

"Don't made me choose."
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